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Knowing some essential weight loss tips for women can help you sidestep some of the frustrating roadblocks you might encounter during your personal weight loss program for women. During your workout plans for weight loss, you may be tempted to nosh after working out at your Gold's Gym, and, it turns out, women may be more inclined than men to nibble after exercising. Researchers studying weight loss programs for women found that ghrelin—a hormone that triggers hunger—spikes in women after they exercise, while leptin—a chemical that indicates satiation—drops. Men learning how to lose weight did not have these fluctuations in hunger-specific chemicals, according to the 2009 study published in the American Journal of Physiology — Regulatory, Integral and Comparable Physiology.

Gold’s Gym Challenge Winner: Darna Magpayo

Darna shares how the Challenge has changed her body and life for the better.

Name: Darna Magpayo, Gold’s Gym Challenge Overall Female Winner in 2014

Lost: 41 lbs, 22.75 inches and 9.9% body fat

Current mindset: While on vacation, my son thought it was awesome that I was doing exploding squat jumps, he took this picture! I never thought in a million years that my body could do the things it does now! Thanks to the Gold’s Gym Challenge, I’m living happily in my “After”! It is hard to realize that I am the girl I see in the mirror! I have dozens of before pictures that symbolize every failed fad diet and every attempt at going to the gym. Thank you Gold’s Gym for now I have the after picture I have waited for over 20 long years.
One of the best weight loss tips for women is to take the Gold's Gym Challenge, the yearly body transformation contest that motivated 2014 overall Gold's Gym Challenge female winner, Darna Magpayo, to go from "obese" to "beast" in 12 weeks. Whatever workout plans for women that you choose, there are some tips you should be aware of as you head into your fitness journey. Weight loss programs for women carry their own gender-specific frustrations, but if you know some of what to expect, you can prepare and overcome these weight loss obstacles. Women learning how to lose weight should realize that men and women lose weight differently, so if you're in a weight loss program with your husband or boyfriend and he's shedding weight more quickly, know that "men are larger and have more muscle than women due to the hormone testosterone," notes WedMD's experts, so men can consume and burn more calories, just because of their genetic design.

Among weight loss tips for women, one women need to keep in mind is the genetic differences that give men a bit of advantage when they start a weight loss program. Guys who begin workout plans for weight loss may drop pounds quicker than women simply because men have more muscle mass than women, but the good news is that "with a little work, women can even up the odds a bit," says the fitness specialists at WebMD. Ladies, head to a health club near you and "pick up some weights and start pumping" to get your metabolic engine revving, advises WebMD. The best weight loss programs for women and men are built on cardio workouts AND strength training workouts, and ladies, don't avoid lifting heavier weights out of fear of bulking up, notes the American Council on Exercise: "Adding two days of resistance training to a weekly exercise regimen can increase lean muscle mass, but it won’t add pounds of “bulky” muscle."