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With functional fitness workouts at Gold's family fitness center, you'll be ready to race in community events like Trek the Tower in Omaha, Nebraska. These fitness workouts train your muscles to work together, and can include exercises like step-ups and squats to increase your endurance and strength. As part of your aerobic fitness plan, jump into step aerobics classes at Gold's Gyms near you, and experience increased functional fitness in 12 weeks, according to a study by the Laboratory of Sport and Exercise Research, Federal University of Parana, Curitiba, Brazil. And, reach your healthy living goals like competing in community fitness events by combining your fitness plan with smart nutrition.

Gold’s Gym Aksarben at Trek The Tower

Gold’s Gym Aksarben was on-site to support Trek the Tower.

Saturday, February 21st, Gold’s Gym Aksarben was on-site at Trek the Tower; a race up 40 flights of stairs in the First National Bank tower in downtown Omaha. The race is popular with firefighters and policemen, who ran their first flight of stairs at 7AM.
Want to race? Functional fitness workouts at Gold's health clubs near you can help you train for stair climbing community events like Trek the Tower in Omaha, Nebraska. Ask about these fitness workouts when you meet with one of our fitness experts, and they can help you create a fitness plan that can include solo workouts using the stair climber, group step aerobics classes and personal fitness training sessions to increase your strength, power and endurance for competitive events. With an aerobic fitness plan in place, taking on the Tower's 40 flights of steps becomes an easy-to-accomplish goal as your fitness improves with consistent workouts. And with healthy living, you can compete even more effectively when you align your nutrition goals to match your workout goals.

While functional fitness workouts that focus on stair-climbing are an obvious choice for training for this type of community event, you shouldn't limit yourself to just one set of functional fitness exercises. Your fitness workout should also include exercises for total body fitness, including core-strengthening exercises. Core strengthening with your aerobic fitness plan "has been shown to be beneficial for all individuals and may contribute to improvements in functional capacity, which allows for improved execution of most daily activities and occupational tasks," according to the American College of Sports Medicine. Get fit with healthy living ideas like this one, and be ready to race when you commit to healthy eating and exercise.