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The best fitness workouts start with proper fitting athletic shoes that are designed for the kinds of exercises you're performing. Look at your fitness exercises to determine the correct athletic shoes you'll need, and also take a close at your feet: Do you overpronate? Does your footstrike hit the heel more than your toes? Before purchasing personal fitness shoes, give your feet a "wet test" to determine your foot's shape, advise the exercise specialists at WebMD: "Wet your foot, step on a piece of brown paper and trace your footprint." For shoes for healthy living and the best fitness results, study your wet test footprint for low arches and high arches as well as how much of your forefoot and heel show, and when you're buying fitness shoes, ask your salesperson questions.

Gold’s Gym 2014 Gift Guide

Finding the right gift can be difficult, which is why we’re here to help with more than a dozen ideas for the Gold’s Gym goer in your life. Check them out below (and, of course, get some ideas for your own wish list).

In our wired world, we have daily activity trackers, smartwatches and GPS devices. But the Microsoft Band combines all these functions into one smart-gadget you can wear on your wrist. It can track your heart rate, steps, calorie burn and sleep while also showing you email previews and calendar alerts. The best feature? You can load Gold’s Gym guided workouts right into the device—and anyone who buys the band gets a free two-week pass at a Gold’s Gym of their choice.

$199.99 (Available at Microsoft Stores or at

Say goodbye to losing your grip during a sweaty workout. Goat Tape—”Scary Sticky” is its signature line—will solve that problem for you because it’s the first tape designed specifically with high-intensity strength lifting in mind. The nonstretch cotton is comfortable to use and boasts a tensile strength that cannot be matched.

2 rolls, $11.98 (

The Jennings CJ4000 kitchen scale is sleek, small and looks good in your kitchen while measuring down to the nearest half gram—so you can easily determine proper portions. That’s not bad for less than $30.

$27 (

After a difficult workout, there’s nothing better than throwing on a super comfy, but stylish sweatshirt. The Cutoff Old Joe Eco-Sweater from Gold’s Gear is the perfect fit, ludicrously soft while coming in four fashionable colors including pale purple.

$34.99 (

We can all get a little larger than we’d like around the holidays—so much good food!—so we’d like to suggest the “men’s weight loss stack” from MetRX. (Ladies, don’t worry; there’s a weight loss stack for you on the shelves as well.) These four products have everything you need, from plenty of vitamins and revolutionary toning formulas to creatine and cutting-edge protein. Eat up and slim down.

Active Man $22.39, CLA Myolepten $23.99,

Carnatine Caps $7.19, Whey Isolate 2lb $34.39

(Available at your local Gold’s Gym or

What’s a gym day without some jams? Sol Republic Amps In-Ear Headphones use a trademarked StayFit design to fit perfectly in your ear and feature fully loaded bass and high clarity so your music sounds as good as your workout feels. The earphones also include a three-button mic and music control that is compatible with almost every smartphone.

$59 (

When it comes to a hard workout, the last thing you want to worry about is pain in your feet. Enter the New Balance Fresh Foam 980, offering incredible support and cushioning. You’ll feel great even after the most difficult set of reps.

$99.95 (

Keep it simple, but keep it tight with this retro gym bag made with durable cotton canvas. And maybe get two—fitness experts recommend always keeping an extra gym bag packed and ready to go so you never have an excuse for missing a workout.

$27.99 (

Give your post-workout meals a little kick with Secret Aardvark Habanero Hot Sauce and rev up your metabolism too, as studies have shown spicy foods can give you as much as an 8% boost. The Caribbean/Tex-Mex hybrid is that powerful yet refined and comes directly from Portland, Ore., where it’s made with love by the good people at Secret Aardvark Trading Co.

$6.95 (

The Nike Running Elite Hyper-Lite No Show features a nylon/polyester/spandex blend, a specially designed heel and toe to reduce friction, and flat toe seams to limit chafing and improve comfort. The capper is the Dri-FIT material that ties it all together.

$14 (

Get your workout buddy out of the winter haze with plans for beach days with a stand-up paddle board from Laird Hamilton’s cutting-edge collection. Paddle boarding is a fun way to enjoy the ocean and get a full body workout that improves core strength and balance. The StandUp ‘ST Cruiser’ Soft Top is designed for fun, built to last with high-density heat embossed EVA rails and a cinch to take to the sea with EZ Carry handles.

$999 (

Before tackling your fitness workouts, browse the Gold's Gym gift guide for fitness equipment ideas, including new workout shoes. Your fitness exercises deserve top-quality footwear, and when you’re buying athletic shoes, keep a few tips in mind to ensure that you get the best performance out of the shoes and the best results from your specific type of workouts. One good personal fitness rule for shoes is to always "choose the right type of shoe for the kind of workout you’ll be doing," note the exercise advisors at WebMD. Shoes for a cardio group fitness class or for running miles outside, for example, generally do not have a lot of lateral stability, so these shoes won't be right for tennis or basketball, which require shoes with good lateral stability.

When buying shoes for fitness workouts, look for athletic shoes tailored to your exercises and don't make your specific fitness shoes multi-taskers, recommends the exercise specialists at WebMD. For fitness exercises, particularly running and walking, need their own shoes, so get one pair for running and get another pair for walking. Personal fitness shoes for walking tend to be stiffer, note the fitness experts at WebMD, while "running shoes are more flexible, with extra cushioning to handle greater impact." Wearing wrong shoes for group fitness classes, such as Zumba, BodyCombat or cycling classes, can make for an uncomfortable exercise experience that can turn you off from joining the class again.