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Healthy holiday eating tips will help you maintain and even lose weight through the most festive holiday celebrations. The same healthy food nutrition tips that apply the other days of the year, also apply during the holidays. To stay on diet plans, always be prepared to eat healthy – and the recipes below will help you plan for your next Cinco De Mayo celebration. You can also prepare healthy eating choices for holiday parties year-round – that way you can continue to lose weight even as you celebrate.

Chef Robert Irvine’s Healthy Cinco De Mayo Recipes

Chef Robert Irvine shares seven healthy Cinco De Mayo recipes to help you celebrate “responsibly”

Happy Cinco De Mayo! Enjoy Chef Robert Irvine’s healthy and guilt-free Cinco De Mayo Recipes, from Spiced Chicken Tostadas to traditional Guacamole. Check out our printable recipe cards here!
When it comes to healthy holiday eating tips, give yourself permission to be a food snob. This food nutrition tip form Web MD is simple to follow: If you just kind of like the food before you, don't eat it; save your splurge for the tastiest of treats. Otherwise stick with your diet plans, and look for ways to make sure you don't stray too far. That means for healthy eating during the holidays, you should never skip meals because then you might be so hungry, you'll eat everything in sight.

Follow healthy holiday eating tips at family gatherings, work parties and more by making sure you're prepared. For the best food nutrition results, make a healthy delicious dish to share at work or with family so you always know you have a healthy choice to keep you on your path to lose weight even during the holidays. With your diet plan, also strategize about dessert – plan to have it but either split one with someone else or sample a few selections with a bite of two or three things so you never feel deprived, advises the American Heart Association. With these healthy eating tips, you'll easily stick with your diet and nutrition plans for the holidays.