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If learning about strength training supersets from Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute trainer Adam Friedman has sparked your curiosity about other innovative workouts, look into hybridized classes at the Gold's Gym near you. You could find group workout routines like BodyFlow, our original blend of tai chi, Pilates and yoga, and many Gold's fitness clubs offer BodyCombat, an empowering cardio workout that draws dynamic moves from Thai, Brazilian, Chinese and Korean martial arts. In addition to superset weight lifting, consider training for a seasonal athletic event, such as a spring 10K, a summer marathon or the yearly Gold's Gym Challenge. Give old work out plans a shot of new energy by joining a local baseball, basketball, soccer or adult kickball league.

Burn Better With Supersets

Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute trainer Adam Friedman gives us the 411 on the double, without the trouble.

YOU’VE HEARD THE TERM, but what exactly does the word “superset” mean? Traditionally, a superset is two or more exercises performed consecutively to work opposing muscle groups. “These days, the term has been used a lot more loosely,” says Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute trainer Adam Friedman. “I tend to follow the traditional approach myself.” Supersets increase intensity level, heart rate and calories burned because you are doing two exercises consecutively. Plus, they amp up your mental toughness with more challenging gym time, and you have to push yourself to do continuous sets with less rest.

“I enjoy doing them because it’s more challenging from a conditioning standpoint, it’s time efficient, and it’s an excellent way to work opposing muscle groups to keep balance,” says Friedman. In a healthy body, the muscles that move and stabilize the bones have a natural reflex to relax when their opposite muscles are working. Doing supersets can help guarantee that you’re working all your muscle groups.

Here are five supersets you can use to supersize your routine. Beginners should start with three sets of 5 to 8 reps, while more experienced gymgoers can try three sets of 10 to 12 reps. Count to three on the way down, and go back up on two. “At the beginner level, the weight lifted during a superset should be a little lighter than what you would normally use during an exercise,” Friedman says. “This is just for safety reasons until you become better mentally and physically.” Intermediate to advanced should use the same weights you typically do with an exercise to maintain their strength levels, which may mean that they go down in repetition to start, but then increase as conditioning improves.

Dumbbell flat chest press > Dumbbell back row

Dumbbell flat chest press
Begin by lying on a flat bench, feet flat, knees bent at 90 degrees, arms extended upward at shoulder width with dumbbells in hand. Squeeze your shoulder blades against the bench and lower the dumbbells level to your chest.

Dumbbell back row
Stand in a split stance, bend over until your back is parallel with the ground. Keep back in a neutral alignment, arms fully extended with dumbbells in hand. Pull dumbbells up to waist.

Dumbbell incline chest press > Lat pull-down

Dumbbell incline chest press
Begin by lying on an inclined bench, feet flat, knees bent at 90 degrees, arms extended upward at shoulder width with dumbbells in hand. Squeeze your shoulder blades against the bench and lower the dumbbells level to your chest.

Lat pull-down
Sit on a pull-down machine with a wide bar attached to the top pulley, legs at 90 degrees. Grab the bar just outside shoulder width. Pull bar down to the top of your chest, bringing your shoulders down and back.

Shoulder press > Pull-ups

Shoulder press

Stand with feet hip distance apart, knees soft, dumbbells in hand. With elbows straight, extend arms above head. Lower dumbbells to earlobes.

Mount the assisted pull-up machine. Grab bar, lower body down, extend your arms, and pull up, aiming your chest toward the sky.

Chest Fly > Reverse Fly

Chest fly
Begin by lying on a flat bench, feet flat, knees bent at 90 degrees, arms fully extended above shoulders with dumbbells in hand. Bring arms down to your side, with a slight bend in your elbow. Straighten elbows and squeeze your chest muscles on the way back up.

Reverse Fly
Begin by lying chest down on an incline bench, feet flat, knees bent at 90 degrees, arms fully extended with dumbbells in hand, thumbs facing down. Bring arms out to your shoulder.

Biceps Curl > Triceps Extension

Biceps Curl
Stand with knees soft, feet shoulder-width apart, with dumbbells in hand. Press your elbows into your sides. Bring the dumbbells ¾ of the way up to your shoulders.

Triceps Extension Machine
Stand with knees soft, feet shoulder-width apart. Keep your elbows stationary for the full move. Grab the bar and extend you arms downward to fully contract your triceps. Pause for one second at the bottom of the movement before bringing arms back up to the starting position.
Strength training with supersets is a recent variation on traditional weight lifting workouts, and if Gold’s Gym trainer Adam Friedman's supersets have whetted your appetite for different kinds of workouts, explore other ways to change up your go-to exercise routines. These new workout routines can zap new energy and interest into your regular fitness program. In addition to weight lifting with supersets, consider training for specific seasonal events, such as a "10K in the spring," advises the American Council on Exercise, and "train for a marathon in the summer, enter an obstacle course race or train for a triathlon in the fall, and find a destination race during the winter months." A little variation in work out plans keeps you engaged, mentally and physically, in your fitness program, so you'll keep coming back for more.

Superset strength training is just one of the innovative ways to reinvigorate your fitness program. Consider workout routines that don't even feel like workout routines, such as team sports like soccer, basketball, softball, "or any other type of entry-level team activity," suggests the health and fitness experts at WebMD. If you perform weight lifting, cardio and other exercise routines alone, joining a local sports league can provide a new perspective on getting fit "because of the combination of exercise and social interaction," notes WebMD's staff. To revive work out plans that feel stale and uninspiring, also check out hybridized group fitness classes like BodyFlow and BodyCombat, which are offered at most Gold's Gym fitness centers.