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As she learned how to lose weight and exercise, Gold's Gym fitness trainer April Dasal incorporated strength training into her fitness program. All too often, women's workout plans for weight loss don't include weight lifting, strength training workouts with resistance bands, body weight exercises or other muscle building exercise routines, but strength training provides specific weight loss benefits that shouldn't be ignored. Weight loss programs with strength training "will not only help you lose weight, but maintain the loss," note weight loss experts at WebMD, and this continued weight loss happened because "muscle keeps your metabolism revved up, burning calories, fat, and glucose (sugar)." Weight lifting is a best way to lose weight and to prevent your body from losing muscle during the weight loss process, as strength training preserves and rebuilds muscle lost through dieting.
If you've struggled learning how to lose weight or are struggling now with weight loss, then watch Gold's Gym Ellisville, MO trainer April Dasal's inspirational short documentary. Through her workout plans and commitment, April dropped 100 pounds and developed a leaner, stronger and fitter physique. April's weight loss programs will no doubt inspire you to conquer your weight loss goals, and we offer a few ideas for setting hard fitness goals. A best way to lose weight, advise the fitness experts at the American Council on Exercise, is to hammer out a fitness goal that's "clear and easy to understand," and instead of the vague goal to just "get healthy," ACE urges going deeper: "How do you want to do it? Is it losing weight? Start exercising? Stop smoking? Break it down and it will be easier to manage."

Knowing how to lose weight is knowing how to set realistic and reachable goals. One of the best workout plans that will get you toward your goals is the Gold's Gym Challenge, our annual body transformation contest that runs 12 weeks and has helped thousands of exercisers, drop weight, gain strength, and boost overall fitness. Among weight loss programs and gym challenges, the Gold's Gym Challenge is a standout for its supportive resources like the Gold's Gym Challenge Facebook page, Twitter account and online workout videos and fitness articles. Sign up for this best way to lose weight and crush your fitness goals, and you could also earn thousands of dollars in prize money for your dramatic physical transformation.