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Everyone wins with eating healthy, and when you stay committed to smart nutrition even during festive events like your Super Bowl party, you can’t lose. Stick to healthy eating habits by following these tasty menu swaps for your Super Bowl party, and keep up your fitness routine at the Gold’s health club near you to stay on track. Combine these healthy snack ideas with lower calorie drinks, and you’ll feel good about your diet plan even while partying during half time. Complement your Super Bowl healthy eating plan with drinks like fruit-infused teas or waters, like this Iced Mint Green Tea from that blends green tea with fresh mint leaves and a little bit of lime or lemon juice for a refreshing twist on regular iced tea.

5 Healthy Super Bowl Menu Swaps

Food blogger Matt Armendariz gives us the X’s and O’s for a healthier Super Bowl party.

Aside from the actual game, the best part of the Super Bowl has to be the food. Unfortunately, the dishes that fans prepare for Super Bowl Sunday are generally not healthy and tend to be jam-packed with canned ingredients. Thankfully, there are some great ways to provide healthy alternatives to the usual suspects that appear at parties around the country. Centering on fresh ingredients, these alternatives are tasty and creative without doing major damage to your calorie count.

“Real food is real flavor, you can keep the fake stuff,” says Matt Armendariz, a food blogger and photographer who has appeared on Martha Stewart’s show and has been featured in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times and Bon Appetit magazine. We asked Armendariz to be our Super Bowl foods coach and suggest five healthy dishes to substitute for some of the classics. What he came up with are five modern and exciting ways to snack without any regrets on football’s biggest day.


Fumble:5-Layer Dip
Score: : Spinach and Egg Strata
Coach's Strategy: Processed and fatty ingredients such as refried beans, various cheeses and sour cream make up the typical five-layer dip—Trader Joe’s Five Layer Fiesta Dip packs 280 calories per cup. Instead, Armendariz opts for an egg strata: “Think of easy and healthy breakfast items such as turkey sausage and spinach to create an egg strata.” This dish is a fun and unique take on the casserole, and great for feeding a large crowd. The best part is that it only requires whipping up a simple egg mixture and tossing in some ingredients. Here’s an example to get started.


Fumble: BBQ Ribs
Score: : Chicken Meatballs
Coach's Strategy: There are 161 calories in just one large barbecue rib, and we all know you can’t eat just one. “Go with chicken meatballs,” suggests Armendariz. “Stick toothpicks in them and serve with a homemade BBQ sauce.” Store-bought barbecue sauce often contains large amounts of sodium and high-fructose corn syrup. For an easy and healthy homemade sauce, check out this recipe, and here’s a quick guide to chicken meatballs.


Fumble: Potato Salad
Score: : Panzanella
Coach's Strategy: Potato salad may be easy to make, but with the amount of salt and mayonnaise usually needed, one cup alone can boast 357 calories. Instead try a panzanella. “Panzanella is a big salad with lots of veggies, some toasted bread, mozzarella balls and cherry tomatoes. Chop some basil over the top, make a very simple vinaigrette, and it’s done. You’d be surprised how quickly this disappears for what might be considered a ‘light’ salad.” Panzanella is quick, easy to make, and fun to experiment with. Feel free to add healthy vegetables such as carrots, parsley or celery for some added flavor. See this recipe for a simple example.


Fumble: Chips and Sour Cream
Score: : Crudités With Dipping Sauces
Coach's Strategy: We all know potato chips can be bad if you are trying to watch your sodium intake. Add a sour-cream-based dip, which is 537 calories per cup, and you’re off to a bad start. Armendariz has a healthier dipping option. “I know this is Super Bowl, and hardly anyone can resist dips, so in this case I’m a big fan of assorted vegetables to go with a white bean dip.” Feel free to try other dips with your veggies, such as these.


Fumble: Brownies
Score: : Yogurt Cups With Berries and Lemon Zest
Coach's Strategy: Let’s face it, everyone loves brownies, but we all know they’re not friendly to your waistline—and piled high on a plate, the temptation to eat the whole lot becomes too much to resist. “For a sweet dessert that’s easy for a crowd and isn’t loaded with fat and calories, try Greek yogurt and berries that have been macerated in a little bit of sugar. You can drizzle honey, zest some lemon and sprinkle with cinnamon.” Feel free to add low-fat granola to make a fun parfait. The best thing about this dessert is that you can control portions by making individual cups for your guests.

Score big by eating healthy, and make these Super Bowl menu swaps for your party to keep you in the health and fitness game. By staying committed to healthy eating habits even when you throw parties, you set yourself up for attaining and maintaining the slim, fit body you desire. And partner these healthy snacks with lighter drink choices for a win-win strategy to keep the pounds off. Check out the healthy eating plan below presented by Matt Armendariz, renown food blogger and photographer for publications like The New York Time, The Los Angeles Times and Bon Appetit Magazine.

Enjoy a beer while eating healthy during your Super Bowl party when you replace full calorie and full carb beers with lower calorie or lower carb beers. And healthy eating habits don’t have to be sidelined when you offer lower calorie cocktails like this “Perfect Cocktail” from the Women’s Health Magazine. After eating healthy snacks, savor the refreshing flavor of this lighter cocktail that pairs lime-flavored vodka with light lemonade, tonic water and lime juice. Focusing on a healthy eating plan for your party doesn’t mean sacrificing taste as you’ll soon find out when you experiment with these menu swaps and lighter drink choices.