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Forget overly complicated weight loss programs, and get down to the basics by focusing on a healthy, balanced diet and regular exercise at local Gold’s gyms. The best weight loss programs are the ones you can stick to, and these winners of the Gold’s Gym Challenge reveal what worked for them. For the best exercise to lose weight, join the Gold’s Gym Challenge like these winners did, and experience a total body transformation. And if you wonder how to lose weight and not lose your motivation, the Harvard Medical School suggests asking a buddy or your personal trainer to be your accountability partner.

12 Weeks to a Total Transformation

Four winners from this year’s Gold’s Gym Challenge explain the secrets behind their total transformation and how they reached their fitness dreams!

Every January, thousands of members join the Gold’s Gym Challenge to take the first step in achieving gigantic fitness goals. They’ve taken a look in the mirror and decided that what they see is no longer acceptable–they are ready to look better, feel better and move better. Joining the Challenge is a great first step in changing that reflection, but it takes hard work and real motivation to finish strong. This year, Gold’s Gym Challenge participants lost over 180,000 pounds and 165,000 inches off their bodies.
While specific weight loss programs aren’t discussed by the Gold’s Challenge winners in this story, winners do offer their best tips for tackling the Challenge. One of the best weight loss programs, the Gold’s Gym Challenge is an inspiring fitness competition that includes special celebrity webinars, social media networking and challenging workouts at Gold’s gyms near you. And when you do the best exercises to lose weight with a friend who is more fit than yourself during the Challenge, you are more likely to work out at a higher intensity, according to a study by the Department of Psychology for Santa Clara University in California. How to lose weight becomes easier when you have a friend or trainer cheering you on.

Part of your weight loss program should involve setting goals, and a Dominican University study found that when you share your goals with a friend and give them weekly updates, you have more than a 70 percent chance to successfully achieving your goals. The best weight loss programs begin with keeping a food log, and incorporate a healthy eating plan from a nutrition counselor if you have access to one, according to Eddy Campbell, a Gold’s trainer who has trained Gold’s Challenge winners. And to learn the best exercise to lose weight, enlist the help of a personal trainer who can create a fitness plan that pushes your fat burning exercises into overdrive and help you carve your muscles with strength training. How to lose weight is demystified when you start to see the results of your efforts to exercise more and maintain a healthy diet.