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Fun fitness starts at Gold's Gym McDonough GA in our energizing group fitness classes. Join others with Gold's McDonough gym memberships and punch, kick, boogie, stretch, swim and step calories away with over 100 group fitness programs and swim classes to choose from each week. Begin with a Gold's Gym FREE pass, then let our fun and motivational environment inspire you to join us weekly (or daily) for our award-winning BodyPump, BodyStep, BodyFlow or aqua Zumba fitness parties. At our McDonough Gold's Gym location, our fitness coaches make exercising fun so you stick with your routine and get the results you want.

We're kid friendly at Gold's Gym McDonough GA offering classes, swim lessons and our renowned Kid's Club service to those with a Gold's Gym membership. Our Gold's McDonough gym is our family fitness center close to you packed with activities for our young members, including kid-friendly Zumba where the music is turned up and kids rock out with their friends and water fitness classes where kids play games as they unknowingly strengthen their muscles. Join us with a Gold's Gym FREE pass to try our youth programs with no obligation. At our Gold's Gym location in McDonough, it's never too early to start your family living a healthy and active lifestyle.

Stay active at Gold's Gym McDonough GA with our group fitness classes specially designed for senior members that focus on range of motion, flexibility and muscular strength. Our senior Gold's McDonough gym members also have specialized aqua fitness options that cover cardio and water resistance training while providing optimal joint protection.

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    McDonough Fitness Centers & Gyms Certified Personal Training, Gym Programs, Free Gym Passes & Gym Memberships Get started at Gold's McDonough gym today and blast away calories with a muscle building fitness class like BODYPUMP where you'll use barbells to challenge all your muscles with squats, presses, lifts and curls. Or, try the Gold's Gym McDonough GA Zumba class where you'll dance away the pounds to hypnotic Latin music. See more

Get maximum results at Gold's Gym McDonough GA with your gym membership when you partner with our local gym's personal trainers to create a customized fitness program that includes nutrition counseling to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

Pedal calories away at Gold’s Gym McDonough GA when you take a challenging ride through varying terrain in our nationally recognized group spinning classes. Indoor cycling at Gold’s McDonough gym near you allows you to enjoy this typically outdoor activity in a temperature-controlled environment with stationary bikes that can be adjusted to increase the intensity of your workout. Use our Gold's Gym FREE pass and join our fitness experts as they keep you motivated with energetic music and inspire you to spin faster and harder with each interval. McDonough's Gold's Gym location offers our renowned RPM or spin class almost daily.

Find your center at Gold's Gym McDonough GA in our revitalizing yoga and Pilates studio. With your Gold’s McDonough gym membership, our fitness experts are dedicated to helping you live a complete healthy and fit lifestyle, and yoga is one of the most beneficial fitness programs for balancing the mind and body. Experience stress release; our Gold's Gym FREE pass allows you to try a yoga class with no obligation where you'll learn stress management tools like deep breathing and visualization even after just one class. Discover yoga at our Gold's Gym location in McDonough and learn to balance your inner self.
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