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With 24/7 access, our Gold's North Midland gym is the best fitness gym near you to visit any time, day or night. Before work, head to Gold's Gym Midland North for a stress-relieving BodyFlow class that blends yoga, Pilates and tai chi. Or hit our Gold's Gym hours in the early evening to join group classes like a revolutionary core training session to tone your abs and glutes. Enjoy a Gold's Gym FREE pass on us to check out the best local gym in your area for unique muscle building, cardio and strength training classes.

Our North Midland gym also provides state-of-the-art exercise equipment like elliptical trainers, free weights and stationary bikes. Inside Gold's Gym Midland North you’ll also find a dry sauna in both the men's and women's locker rooms to easily work up a sweat to release toxins, while winding down from your workout. With such convenient Gold's Gym hours, getting fit and healthy on your schedule is easier than ever. Try a Gold's Gym FREE pass to visit our fitness center to see for yourself the many beneficial amenities and unique fitness programs our facility offers.

Make our Gold's North Midland gym your place for getting fit and staying healthy. At Gold's Gym Midland North, enjoy 24-hour access every day to state-of-the-art exercise equipment and join heart-pumping fitness classes day or night.

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Midland North

4400 N. Midland Dr, Midland, TX 79707


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Midland North
Midland North Midland (North) Texas Local Gym Locations, Fitness Class Schedules, Personal Trainers, Gym Memberships & Local Gold's Gym Hours
Visit our Gold North Midland gym with a Gold's Gym FREE pass and experience the best fitness gym near you offering 24/7 access and fat burning cardio exercise classes. Gold's Gym Midland North also boasts two dry saunas, along with state-of-the-art workout equipment like muscle building elliptical trainers, calorie-burning treadmills and free weights for strength training.
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Visit our Midland gym fitness club with a Gold's Gym FREE pass and experience muscle building weight lifting and fat burning cardio classes, along with relaxing dry saunas.

Our Gold's North Midland gym offers convenient 24-hour access every day of the week, with a fun variety of invigorating fitness classes and amenities to help you keep fit and healthy. Try heart-pumping classes at Gold's Gym Midland North offered from early morning through early evening to fit your schedule. Take advantage of a Gold’s Gym FREE pass to check out BODYPUMP, our original barbell weight lifting class that pumps out great music while you pump iron. During early morning Gold's Gym hours, take a high intensity class like BODYCOMBAT, a martial arts cardio class that combines karate, muay Thai and taekwondo moves to increase your heart rate and burn calories.

At this Gold's North Midland gym, you also reap the benefit of a relaxing dry sauna. After working out at Gold's Gym Midland North, hit the sauna to unwind, relieve stress and stimulate blood circulation. Grab a Gold's Gym FREE pass for our health club to experience the dry sauna in either the men's or women's locker rooms. With our 24/7 Gold's Gym hours, exercise on your favorite equipment, participate in fat-burning classes and relax in a dry sauna when it's convenient for you.