Birmingham Vestavia Gym Workout Programs & Seniors' Exercise Programs

Vestavia Workout Programs, Gym Programs & Silver Sneakers Exercise Programs

Explore exercise programs at the Gold's Gym Vestavia in Birmingham and get started on the road to fitness. Our inspiring fitness training programs, such as the Gold’s Gym Challenge, motivate you to accomplish your goals and reach a greater level of fitness. In addition, we offer senior fitness classes, like senior yoga, as part of our Silver Sneakers Program which focuses on helping seniors stay fit and active. Other gym programs include Tour de Cure, a cycling event that raises funds for the American Diabetes Association and Gold’s Nation, our signature rewards program.

If you’re just starting, exercise programs are a great way to get started, and for fitness buffs, they're a way to stay motivated. Transform your body with fitness training programs like the Gold’s Gym Challenge, a 12-week fitness program that offers cash prizes as incentives to get you healthy and fit. Older adults can enjoy senior fitness classes, which provide an opportunity to get fit and engage with others in a supportive, relaxed environment. Other beneficial gym programs let you reap rewards by checking in on social media and completing other tasks through our Gold’s Nation rewards program.

Choose from various exercise programs to jumpstart your workouts and get fit. Our unique fitness training programs, which include the Gold’s Gym Challenge, Tour de Cure and Silver Sneakers, offer a variety of opportunities to get fit.

Join exercise programs to start losing weight, building muscle and increasing strength in a fun, fitness-focused environment.

Invigorate your workouts with exercise programs at Gold's Gym Vestavia and push yourself toward a new level of fitness training. Our unique fitness training programs offer a variety of ways to get fit – such as our Gold’s Gym Challenge, an intensive 12-week training program that sculpts and transforms your body and offers opportunities for cash prizes as an incentive to get fit. We also have senior fitness classes, like senior yoga as part of our Silver Sneakers program, which inspires older adults to stay physically active and healthy. Gym programs at Gold’s provide fun and challenging opportunities to get fit, shed pounds and build muscle.

Explore exercise programs to get started on a fitness plan that works with your specific goals and helps you achieve them. Join our fitness training programs and sweat off pounds and build muscle and friendships in a challenging yet supportive environment. Older athletes can enjoy senior fitness classes and programs that offer a healthy workout in a comfortable setting. For fitness junkies, our gym programs offer rewards for members who spread the love on social media or complete tasks as part of our Gold’s Nation rewards program.