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Every day at our Bloomington gym is a great day for exercising, relaxing, or both. Inside Gold's Gym Bloomington IL, you'll find state-of-the-art exercise equipment, free weights and all the best amenities a local fitness center can provide. From personal training fitness coaches to help with your personal goals, to a myriad of energizing workout classes, we have all the right fitness programs to help you get fit and stay healthy. Convenient Gold's Gym hours of operation allow you to work out early in the morning until late in the evening – and our fun Kid's Club keeps your children entertained while you hit the treadmill or spinning room.

Inside our Bloomington gym we have a basketball court where you can challenge a buddy to some one-on-one, and a refreshing pool for swimming laps. The hot tub inside Gold's Gym Bloomington IL is the perfect place to unwind after a cardio workout – or hit the sauna or steam room to rejuvenate. After a successful personal training session with a fitness expert, treat yourself to a cool drink at the juice bar. Visit us during Gold's Gym hours to check out our state-of-the-art equipment, along with a spinning room, and yoga and Pilates studio.

Try out our Bloomington gym with a Gold's Gym FREE pass and check out all the latest exercise equipment and free weights. At our Gold's Gym Bloomington IL location you can hit the basketball court, take a dip in the swimming pool, and relax in the rejuvenating hot tub or sauna.

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11 Currency Drive, Bloomington, IL 61704


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At our Bloomington gym, a Gold's Gym membership entitles you to use of a basketball court, swimming pool, hot tub and many more amenities. Personal training experts at Gold's Gym Bloomington IL are available to help you with fitness programs from cardio exercise on state-of-the-art equipment to fitness programs featuring energizing group classes.
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  • HoursHours

    Mon - Thu : 4am - 11pm

    Fri : 4am - 9pm

    Sat - Sun : 7am - 7pm

  • AmenitiesAmenities

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    Basketball Court

  • Kids ClubKids Club

    Mon - Thu : 8am - 3:30pm & 12pm - 8pm

    Fri : 8am - 12pm

    Sat : 8am - 1pm

    Sun : 8:30am - 12pm

  • ClassesClasses

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    6 Pack Attack

    6 Pack Attack (+Arms)

    6 Pack Attack (+Legs)

    6 Pack Attack - Studio 1

    Ab Lab - Studio 1

    Ab Lab-Studio 1

    Active Splash - Pool

    Advanced Step - Studio 1

    Advanced Step- Studio 1

    Advanced Step/Turbo Kick - Studio 1

    Aerobic Entry-Studio 2

    Aqua Combo - Pool

    Aqua Combo-Pool

    Aqua Fit - Pool

    Aqua Intro

    Aqua Stride - Pool

    Ballroom Dance-Studio 1

    Beginning Hip Hop-Studio 1

    Body Combat - Studio 1

    Body Flow - Studio I

    Body Flow - Studio II

    Body Pump

    Body Pump - Studio 1

    Body Step - Studio 1


    BodyAttack - Studio 1

    BodyCombat - Studio 1

    BodyFlow - Studio 1

    BodyPump Express - Studio 1

    BodyStep - Studio 1

    Boot Camp

    Boot Camp - Gym

    Boot Camp - Gym

    Boot Camp - Gymnasium

    Boot Camp - HIFTA

    Boot Camp - Studio 1 Doors

    BOSU Blast - Studio 1

    Butts and Gutts - Studio 1

    Cardio FITT

    Cardio Glide-Studio 2

    Cardio Jam - Studio 1

    Cardio Kick - Studio 1

    Cycle - Spin Room

    Cycle 101 - Spin Room

    Cycle 101-spin room

    Cycle Intro - Spin Room

    Cycle Intro-Spin room

    Cycle-Spin Room

    Dance Fusion

    Deep Water - Pool

    Drill Bits - Gymnasium

    Elite FITT

    Fibro Fit - Pool

    Firm 'n Burn-Studio 1

    Fit Happens In-Line Step Studio 1

    Fit Happens - Adv Step

    Fit Happens - Bosu

    Fit Happens - Dbl Step

    Fit Happens - In-Line Step

    Fit Happens - Pilates

    Fit Happens - Step

    Fit Happens - Studio 1

    Fit Happens - TBC

    Fit Happens - The Firm

    Fit Happens Bosu TBC-Studio 1

    Fit Happens Sports Step-Studio 1

    Fit Happens Step 'N Strike- Studio 1

    Fit Happens- The Firm

    Fit Happens-Adv Step-Studio 1

    Fit Happens-ADVANCED STEP-Land Studio 1

    Fit Happens-BOSU

    Fit Happens-BOSU TBC

    Fit Happens-BOSU-Studio 1

    Fit Happens-DBL Step-Studio 1

    Fit Happens-Double Step

    Fit Happens-Pilates

    Fit Happens-TBC Studio 1

    Fit Happens-TBC Studio 1

    Fit Happens-TBC-Studio 1

    Fit Happens-The Firm-Studio 1

    Forever Fit - Gym

    Forever Fit - Machines

    Forever Fit - Studio 2

    Forever Fit - Studio II

    Forever Fit Intro

    Forever Fit-HIFTA

    Gentle Yoga-studio 1


    Hip Hop - Studio 1

    Hip Hop Hustle - Studio 1

    Hydro Power

    Hydro Power - Pool

    Hydro Power Express-pool

    Hydro Power-pool

    Hydropower - Pool

    Intro to Cycle - Spin Room

    Lean FITT

    Martial Arts - Studio 1

    Modern Jazz

    Party Step - Studio 1

    Party Step- Studio 1


    Pilates - Studio 1

    Pilates - Studio II


    Power Hour - Spin Room

    RPM - Spin Room

    Step Express - Studio 1

    Strong FITT

    The Firm - Studio 1

    The Firm Express- Studio 1

    Turbo Kick - Studio 1

    TurboKick - Studio 1

    WERQ - Studio 1

    WERQ Old Skool - Studio 1

    Zumba - Studio 1

The amenities at our Bloomington gym – along with energizing group classes and state-of-the-art exercise equipment – are what a great local fitness center is all about.

Once inside our Bloomington gym, discover an energizing variety of exercise equipment and fitness gym amenities. At this Gold's Gym Bloomington IL location, work out with free weights and get your heart pumping on the treadmills and stairclimbers. And our personal training fitness experts can customize the best exercise plan for your fitness goals. During Gold's Gym hours, also bring the kids to our Kid's Club where they can participate in fun activities while you join a fun step or cycling class.

The pool at our Bloomington gym is the perfect place to cool off, swim some laps and participate in fat-burning water exercise classes. Shoot some hoops at Gold's Gym Bloomington IL on our basketball court, or relax in the hot tub or steam room after a weight lifting session. Work out with personal training coaches, and then relax at the juice bar with a refreshing drink. Visit us during convenient Gold's Gym Hours, from early morning until late evening, with a Gold's Gym FREE pass and get hooked on exercise and fun.