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Build endurance at Gold's Shallotte gym with a high-intensity interval training class that uses a variety of running and plyometric drills. Consider other classes at Gold's Gym Shallotte NC location if you're looking for progressively more intense workouts with height adjustable steps that make it easy to start out with lower impact workouts that still get your heart rate going. Flatten abs at Gold's family fitness centers with a group exercise class that really hones in on your abdominal, obliques and lower back muscles. Sculpt your muscles during Gold's Gym hours with a body-shaping fitness session built around high reps of low weights, and you'll define and lengthen muscles without adding bulk.

Fitness experts at Gold's Shallotte gym can help beginning exercisers hit their first workouts, to ensure that they're nailing the proper form for each exercise. The personal trainers at Gold's Gym Shallotte NC location can also craft exercise routines based specifically on your abilities and long-term fitness goals. Like many Gold's family fitness centers, the Gold's Gym close to Shallotte NC offers free fun activities for children in our Kid's Club, while their parents hit their cardio, weight lifting or flexibility and balance exercises. Also tan during Gold's Gym hours in the convenient, on-site tanning facility.

Try BODYPUMP at Gold's Shallotte gym for a one-hour strength training workout that tackles every major muscle group. Tone and tighten at Gold's Gym Shallotte NC location with a body sculpting class that uses high repetitions with light weights.

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Burn calories at Gold's Shallotte gyms in a high or low intensity cardio group session, and our Shallotte family fitness center also offers yoga and Pilates classes. Build muscle at the Gold's Gym Shallotte NC fitness and health club using our comprehensive free weights.
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Visit Gold's Shallotte gym and grab a tasty, healthy and freshly blended shake in our smoothie bar after working out.

Hunting for Shallotte gyms with free activities for kids? Check out the Gold's Gym Shallotte NC fitness facility first, as it's home to a Kid's Club, where children take part in crafts and other activities while their parents get fit. Kid's Clubs at Gold's family fitness centers are offered at no charge with a Gold's Gym membership, so parents can still get a workout in even when kids are out of school. During Gold's Gym hours at the Shallotte NC health and fitness club, be sure to take advantage of our convenient tanning rooms, and give your newly fit physique a golden glow.

Learn yoga at Gold's Shallotte gym in a foundation class that teaches the basic postures, poses, stretches and breathing techniques. Other fitness classes at Gold's Gym Shallotte NC location are designed specifically to help seniors increase muscular strength, range of motion and improve functional fitness for daily living. Many Gold's family fitness centers, including the Gold's Gym close to Shallotte NC, offer Zumba, the internationally popular "feel-happy" workout where you dance away worries while boosting cardiovascular fitness. Investigate Pilates at Gold's family fitness centers and see how these concentrated movements developed by Joseph Pilates can enhance muscular symmetry, alignment, flexibility and grace.