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Free Fitness Class Passes, Gym Memberships & VIP Trial Passes to San Antonio Gyms

When you find a local gym like the San Antonio Live Oak gym, discover everything you need to jumpstart your fitness plan. Joining a gym is easy at Gold's, where we have the best amenities like a cycling studio where you can race your friends to the finish or a cardio theater where you can zone out and watch TV while torching calories. Our FREE gym passes let you come to the gym and take a class or two, try out the cardio equipment and meet with a personal trainer so you can start working on your personal fitness goals. A gym membership is essential to anyone working on a fitness plan for the first time or to someone wanting to take their game to the next level.

Find a local gym that kindles your passion for greater health and fitness. Even joining a gym can be inspiring as you check out different classes and the state-of-the-art equipment available. FREE gym passes inspire you to try something new and exciting, such as a local Zumba class where you can burn calories to a Latin beat. A gym membership benefits the whole family, letting kids try out the Kid's Club and giving you time to try out a yoga class to de-stress in a calm environment without worrying about kids, work or other issues that come up each day.

When you want to find local gyms that have the best amenities, join your local Gold's Gym which has personal trainers on staff ready to help you meet your goals. Joining a gym is always exciting but Gold's Gym keeps you coming back time after time.

Find a local gym like Gold's Gym, where you can relax your mind and kick your metabolism to the next level.

Find a local gym that feels like home at San Antonio Live Oak gym, where you can build your muscles and trim your body. Joining a gym with state-of-the-art resistance equipment and classes like BodyPump where you do traditional body building techniques like squats and lifts to fun music are important for building strength and muscle. FREE gym passes give you the chance to try out muscle building classes like Pilates as well as free weights and resistance equipment that help build lean muscle. A gym membership helps you stay focused in your strength training and gets you in the gym regularly so you can follow through on your fitness goals.

Find local gyms and classes that suit your unique needs, whether you're recovering from an injury or illness or looking to race that first 5K. Joining a gym with personal trainers is essential to your development as an athlete because you can meet with them and develop a personal plan. Use FREE gym passes to see the difference Gold's Gym offers with innovative gym amenities like our Kid's Club, cardio theater or cycling studio. A gym membership gives you a place to focus on you, where work can't intrude, kids are occupied and having fun on their own, and the only thing you need to concentrate on is the weight you're lifting, the pose you're perfecting or the mile you're running.