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Use the resistance machines at the San Antonio Live Oak Gold Level Gold's Gym to help you focus on different muscle groups. Group fitness classes in kickboxing, step aerobics and other exercise types pump up your muscles so you are building strength while burning fat. Bike riding in the cycling studio is the optimum way to push your muscle building to the limit. Our cardio theater is the perfect place to build strength in your muscles while chilling out watching TV.

Our resistance machines are a low impact way to build strength and burn fat helping you lose weight and get fit. Join in our group fitness classes to boost your energy and metabolism giving you a leg up on losing that extra weight. Burn calories in the cycling studio while riding your way to your weight loss goals. The cardio theater is the ideal place to burn calories without noticing it because you can catch up on favorite TV shows.

Jump on a resistance machine and find muscles you didn't know you had. Group fitness classes like yoga and Pilates help you focus on muscle groups, building and stretching them, while relaxing and burning calories at the same time.

Resistance machines are the perfect choice for building strength and burning calories in a timely way.

Hop on the resistance machines at San Antonio Live Oak gym and start meeting your lifestyle goals. Group fitness classes are fun and make working out each day an event to look forward to. Get in the cycling studio for a warm up or cool down before hitting the basketball court or punching and kicking your way to fitness in kickboxing. The cardio theater makes even the worst days fun and relaxing by ending with walking a few miles or climbing a few stairs while enjoying a good TV show.

Jump on the resistance machines at this Gym and chat with friends and trainers while you do it. Our group fitness classes are the perfect place to meet up with friends and have a fun time while working toward your individual fitness goals. Hop on a cycling studio bike and compete with your friends before heading out for the night and grabbing a smoothie or dinner. The cardio theater is the perfect place for you and your workout friends to watch TV, talk and enjoy each other's company while making the most of your time by getting in a workout.