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The fitness programs at the San Antonio Fiesta Trails Gold's Gym include Gold's Gym Challenge that offers rewards for reaching your goals during your weight loss or fitness journey. Workout programs like The Gold's Gym Challenge offer you the chance to track your progress, take special celebrity-led webinars and take classes where you work toward reaching your weight loss goal. Our gym programs like Gold's Nation give you swag and rewards just for participating and you can accumulate points toward Gold's Nation merchandise. Another Gold's program, our senior fitness program Silver Sneakers offers seniors and those eligible for Medicare a chance to get into specialized classes and learn various ways to exercise and get fit even after an injury or surgery.

Join fitness programs that keep you motivated and help you make being healthy and fit a lifelong habit. Workout programs like the Gold's Gym Challenge connect you with other participants and fitness experts who rev you up for each workout and keep you inspired as you reach for your goals. The Gold's Nation gym program is a fan-based program that motivates you both in and out of the gym through fun challenges and activities using social media and the Internet. Our senior fitness programs put you in touch with others who are working toward their own fitness goals so you can motivate each other and have fun while trying new workouts and equipment.

Psych up in fitness programs like Gold's Nation where you get cool swag in exchange for doing activities and challenges. Our workout programs are designed to amp up your enthusiasm to more easily meet – and surpass – your goals.

Reward yourself twice with fitness programs like Gold's Nation and The Gold's Gym Challenge – the first time with cool swag and maybe even cash and the second time with a new fit, healthy you.

Create lifelong habits with fitness programs at the San Antonio Fiesta Trails Gold's Gym. Our workout programs are fun and invigorating, encouraging you to keep coming back and make our classes and workouts a part of your life. Gym programs like the Gold's Gym Challenge are fun and rewarding, calling you back to the gym each day to create good habits that become a part of your life. Senior fitness programs like Silver Sneakers makes getting into the gym each day something to look forward to, whether you just stop in for a quick ride on a bike or spend the day chatting with friends while you do a variety of gym activities.

The fitness programs at Gold's Gym make working out a social event you can look forward to. Workout programs like Gold's Nation connect you with Gold's Gym fans from all over the world while you do fun challenges and receive cool swag. Gym programs like The Gold's Gym Challenge are designed to team you up with others in the gym challenge and let you work together to meet your goals. The Silver Sneakers senior fitness programs are designed to make getting fit and healthy a social event.