Local Fitness Classes & Workout Classes Fiesta Trails San Antonio

Group Fitness Classes & Fiesta Trails Exercise Classes

Check out local gym classes at the San Antonio Fiesta Trails Gold's Gym for a full body workout. Try local fitness classes that focus on helping you build muscle and sculpt your body. Our group fitness classes strengthen your muscles through deliberate, focused exercises like Pilates as well as upbeat, fun classes like Zumba where different dance moves work different muscle groups, giving you the chance to boost your stamina and build muscle at the same time. Check out San Antonio Pilates classes as a way to increase your flexibility. Boxing fitness classes like BodyCombat are energy unleashing workouts that work all of your muscles while you learn different defense disciplines like karate and tae kwon do as well as boxing.

Browse our gym class schedule to see the variety of gym classes you can do to help you relax after a hard day. Our BodyFlow local fitness classes combine yoga, tai chi and Pilates, helping you feel centered while you work your muscles. Head into group fitness classes to relax in a social setting, working out your stress and tension. Pilates classes ease tension while building muscles and helping you gain flexibility.

These aren't your old gym classes. The local fitness classes offered at your local Gold's Gym are group fitness classes designed to help you get fit and de-stress in a fun, relaxed setting.

Grab a gym class schedule and head out to the gym for an invigorating workout.

Take gym classes available at the San Antonio Fiesta Trail Gold's Gym to improve your 5K time, prepare for running your first marathon or getting started on your first fitness program. Local fitness classes like BodyPump are ideal for strength training in a group setting, and the upbeat music keeps it light and fun. Our group fitness classes are designed to give you cross-training opportunities so you can expand your athletic prowess and increase your running time or longevity on the golf course. Or try Pilates exercise classes designed to build your strength and flexibility at the same time.

Join a gym class and get moving toward your weight loss goals. Boost your metabolism in local fitness classes that pump up your heart rate and burn fat as you do aerobics, cycling, boxing or Zumba. Our group fitness classes are the fun and social way to put those pounds behind you, using fast-paced moves and upbeat music to torch those extra calories. Pilates classes are designed to work along with yoga and up-tempo classes like kickboxing exercise classes to give you fun options for losing a few pounds or many.