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Resistance machines at the San Antonio Fiesta Trails gym push and pull your muscles into shape. Jump into group fitness classes designed to amp up your energy with fun music and muscle-building moves. Push limits in the cycling studio and work your legs so you can lose weight while developing those muscles. Enjoy a true cardio theater, our Cardio Cinema, where you can watch a full length feature film while pedaling, walking, running or stair climbing your way to stronger muscles and a leaner you.

Hop on the resistance machines and boost your metabolism as you burn off fat and build up muscle. Group fitness classes, like Zumba, psych you up and help you burn calories while moving to fun, upbeat music. Pedal to fitness in the cycling studio, where you can torch calories while taking a journey up and downs hills and mountains with your friends right beside you. Enter our cardio theater – where you can watch TV while getting in cardio or try our Cardio Cinema, where you can watch a full-length movie while cycling, walking or running.

With resistance machines, build muscle for those long morning runs and stay in shape to keep up with family. Also join group fitness classes to help you loosen up muscles, get stronger and burn fat at the same time.

Try resistance machines for a great workout building a stronger you.

Use resistance machines as part of your arsenal in your battle against weight gain. Our group fitness classes aren't just for cardio; try out classes like BodyPump to move with free weights -- doing traditional body building exercises to fun music to build your strength. The cycling studio is the perfect place for strength training, going up and down hills on a bike. Our cardio theater is a place to burn calories on a stair climber or elliptical machine while watching TV, or try our Cardio Cinema for working out while watching a full-length movie and relaxing in the knowledge that your kids are having fun in the Kid's Club.

Resistance machines help you lose weight while building up your muscles. Group fitness classes in San Antonio involve you in the gym community while you're on your fitness journey and introduce you to people who are working toward their own health goals. Psych up in the cycling studio and compete against your friends and classmates while burning fat in a fun setting. The Cardio Cinema makes it so easy to burn calories that you won't even notice they're gone as you walk, run or climb away the weight while focusing on great movies.