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Team up with a physical trainer at the Colonnade Gold's Gym in Birmingham, Alabama, for a personalized fitness program designed around your interests, abilities and fitness goals. Our exuberant personal trainers have backgrounds in an array of sports and activities, from football, soccer and gymnastics to running, dancing and bodybuilding, and these fitness pros continue to pursue their fitness passions. Look for a certified personal trainer with experience training youth, women or special populations, or find a fitness expert who focuses on decreasing body fat, dealing with a past injury or bootcamp-style exercise routines. Partner with a fitness trainer for an exercise program that's effective, interactive and adaptive to your fitness progress, and your Gold's Gym fitness coach can also create a customized nutrition plan to fuel your workouts with the healthiest food choices.

World-class physical trainers at the Colonnade Gold's Gym believe that the key to health and fitness is to eat meticulous and train ridiculous. Our personal trainers will teach you how to shift gears mentally, how to exercise correctly and how to make exercise a lifetime practice, and with a Gold's Gym personal fitness trainer, exercise will become a joy instead of a chore. Sweat with a certified personal trainer who specializes in cardio fitness to achieve your full metabolic potential, and if you want to bulk up, you need a personal trainer skilled in increasing lean muscle tissue. Experienced Gold's Gym fitness trainers can show older clients what's possible at their age, and our fitness coaches can help older exercisers work with their limitations to achieve goals they didn't believe possible.

Physical trainers at the Colonnade Gold's Gym are passionate, patient and inspiring fitness coaches. Work with a personal trainer and become more confident in the gym.

Find a physical trainer who focuses on circuit training or high intensity workouts, or team up with a fitness trainer who specializes in power lifting, weight loss or full-body workouts.

Consult a physical trainer at the Gold's Colonnade fitness club in Birmingham, Alabama, if you're a novice exerciser and need to learn the correct form for your exercise routines. Our top professional personal trainers can push experienced athletes to reach new performance levels, and Gold's Gym fitness experts can also help previously injured exercisers progress back into their fitness programs. With a certified personal trainer, you'll achieve fitness success, whether your goal is weight loss, increasing muscle mass, improving endurance, sharpening stability and balance or general better health and wellness. Our first-rate fitness trainers offer a variety of training styles that can include resistance training, calisthenics, plyometrics, circuit training and mobility and functional fitness.

Every physical trainer at the Colonnade Gold's Gym has passed the exacting Gold's Fitness Personal Trainer Certification course and exam, in addition to attaining national accreditation from well-known industry organizations such as the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, the International Sports Sciences Association and the National Council for Certified Personal Trainers. Our personal trainers can also provide sound dieting tips, meal planning and other expert nutritional counseling. Work with a certified personal trainer and get the one-on-one motivation you need to crush your fitness goals. Gold's Gym fitness trainers realize that there are many paths to fitness and that if you choose the road that you love, outstanding results will follow.