Birmingham Colonnade Gym Challenges & Physical Fitness Programs

Birmingham Gym Fitness Challenges, Fitness Programs & Silver Sneakers

For a fun fitness affiliate program at the Colonnade Gold's Gym in Birmingham, Alabama, become a member of Gold's Nation, and earn points for doing what you're already doing: sharing good thoughts about Gold's Gym with your friends and family. Get fit in your exercise program and then get active in social media for the Gold's Nation plan, which gives points that can be cashed in for useful gear like duffel bags, hoodies, T-shirts, and tank tops. Consider the physical fitness program, the Gold's Gym Challenge, if you're having trouble sticking with your current fitness program because the Gold's Gym Challenge re-sets your fitness goals to a grueling 12-week schedule. But in this unique gym program, you could win thousands of dollars in prize money for your amazing physical transformation.

Discover the Silver Sneakers fitness affiliate program at the Colonnade Gold's Gym for senior fitness exercise classes that are easy to follow, low-impact and leave participants feeling liberated and alive. The Silver Sneakers exercise program allows older adults to take greater control of their health and fitness, which unlocks the door to increased independence and improved wellbeing, and Gold's Gym offers this award-winning senior fitness program because we believe in healthy living for everyone, and that means staying fit and active for life. A prominent physical fitness program for older adults, the Silver Sneakers program also hosts frequent social events and guest speakers. Join this gym program and then become active in the lively Silver Sneakers online community, and share your fitness journey with other seniors across the nation.

Fitness affiliate programs at the Colonnade Gold's Gym in Birmingham, Alabama, include the Gold's Nation member loyalty plan. Join the Silver Sneakers exercise program for a well-rounded senior fitness plan.

Members of the fitness affiliate program, Gold's Nation, earn valuable points for completing social media tasks.

Motivating fitness affiliate programs at the Colonnade Gold's Gym in Birmingham, Alabama, include the Gold's Gym Challenge 12-week fitness program and body transformation contest. An intensive exercise program, the Gold's Gym Challenge challenges you to make dramatic physical changes in just three months, and once you sign up for this yearly work out program, you'll gain access to helpful Challenger Resources, such as online articles that countdown the basic steps to mental strength, how to perform interval training drills and how to get fit during your lunch break. Top exercisers in this physical fitness program can earn thousands in cash prizes as well, providing more great incentive to take the Challenge! Graduates of this accelerated gym program are today leading healthier, happier lifestyles through proper nutrition and exercise.

Join the Gold's Nation fitness affiliate program at the Gold's Colonnade Gold's fitness center and start collecting points which can be turned in for nifty Gold's Gym merchandise. Tackle your exercise program, and then become a vocal member of Gold's Nation, our member loyalty program that doles out points for completing "orders" such as following your Gold's Gym on Twitter, posting the day you joined your Gold's Gym on your Facebook Timeline or subscribing to the Gold's YouTube channel. Along with physical fitness programs that shed weight and shred muscle, we offer member education webinars to help build your mind as well. Our member education online gym programs are monthly broadcasts hosted by esteemed fitness, nutrition, psychology and motivational experts, and topics range from making over your metabolism to learning how to trim the fat from your meals and snacks.