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Gold's Cedar City gym will show you how the best gyms do what it takes to keep their members happy, healthy and fit. Visit Gold's Gym Cedar City UT with a Gold's Gym FREE pass and try the equipment and classes that we offer our members. Join our local gym and fitness coaches will develop a fitness program designed just for you, whether you need strength training, stress management or tips on weight loss. Train during Gold's Gym hours and we'll keep your kids entertained with fun activities.

Supplement Gold's Cedar City gym's personal training with a variety of group fitness classes that will help provide a well-balanced fitness routine. At Gold's Gym Cedar City UT, our classes include indoor cycling, Zumba, Pilates, yoga and kickboxing. This local gym near Cedar City features weight lifting and cardio equipment to challenge you to reach your fitness goals. Besides convenient Gold's Gym hours, our Gold's Gym class schedules allow you to work out when you like.

Try our Cedar City gym with a Gold's Gym FREE pass and you'll know why our members keep coming back. At Gold's Gym Cedar City UT, we'll give your fitness program a personal touch.

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Cedar City

1605 West Regency Rd, Cedar City, UT 84720


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Cedar City
Cedar City Cedar City
You'll love Gold's Cedar City gym because this local gym close to you offers all of the equipment and classes you'll need for a well-rounded health and fitness program. Join Gold's Gym Cedar City UT and you'll open the door to a challenging yet fun workout program tailored just for you.
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  • HoursHours

    Mon - Thu : 5:00AM - 11:00PM

    Fri : 5:00AM - 9:00PM

    Sat : 7:00AM - 5:00PM

    Sun : Closed

  • AmenitiesAmenities

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  • Kids ClubKids Club

    Mon - Thu : 8 am - 4 pm & noon - 8 pm

    Fri - Sat : 8 am - noon

    Sun : Closed

  • ClassesClasses

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Gold's Cedar City health club provides exceptional equipment, classes and other amenities that will challenge you to reach higher.

For a standout among Cedar City gyms, join Gold's Gym and enjoy a variety of fun group classes that will motivate you to become healthier and fitter. Gold's Gym Cedar City UT offers indoor cycling, Zumba and Pilates classes for a well-rounded fitness regimen. This local gym also features vigorous kickboxing and gentle yoga classes. Gold's Gym hours and convenient Gold's Gym class schedules make it easy to fit exercise into even the busiest day.

You'll love our Cedar City gym for the personal attention our fitness experts will give you. At Gold's Gym Cedar City UT, fitness coaches will be happy to show you how to use our equipment as well as help you tailor an exercise program that suits your needs. This local gym has the equipment and classes to improve and maintain your fitness level. Best yet, during Gold's Gym hours you can keep your children entertained with our fun Kid's Club activities that leave you time to enjoy your workout.