Capitol Hill Physical Training Programs & Seniors' Gym Workout Programs

Capitol Hill Gym Challenges, Workout Programs & Silver Sneakers Programs

Participate in community-based gym programs at the Cap Hill Gold’s Gym in Washington D.C., where we offer Tour de Cure to raise money to help prevent diabetes, while cycling off the pounds and increasing your endurance. Join this physical fitness program and strengthen your lower body with interval training in our indoor cycling studio. Other modern exercise programs like the Gold’s Gym Challenge test you with intense training to help you lose weight and shape up. Or join a senior fitness class like senior yoga where you’ll increase your flexibility and strengthen your muscles.

Get the most from gym programs at Gold’s with our member education webinars where trained fitness coaches serve up evidence-based fitness and health advice. Accomplish goals with physical fitness programs like our corporate wellness program where the whole office can shape up and focus on becoming healthier. Exercise programs like Gold’s Nation offer a great way to get in shape and get free merchandise for completing some simple tasks. Plus, Silver Sneakers senior fitness classes provide valuable opportunities for older members to get in shape to minimize injuries.

Scorch calories with gym programs like the Gold’s Gym Challenge where you’ll get in shape by competing against other members for prizes. Or, try physical fitness program like Tour de Cure if you want to get fit with cycling challenges while raising money to support diabetes research.

Jump into intense gym programs at Gold’s like the Gold’s Gym Challenge and push your body to the limits in this 12-week exercise program.

Creative gym programs at the Cap Hill Gold’s Gym in Washington D.C. let you lose weight and build muscles in new and interesting ways. Train in a Gold’s physical fitness program like the Tour de Cure cycling challenge and help the American Diabetes Association raise money to support research efforts. Supplement an exercise program like this bike race with a well-balanced diet by talking to one of our personal trainers and tuning in to informational sessions hosted on our website. Join senior fitness classes like yoga where instructors offer modified moves for your fitness level.

Informational gym programs like our member education webinars allow you to plan out your weekly meals so you have all the proper nutrients you need. Effective physical fitness programs like Gold’s Nation offer a great opportunity for you to get excited about working out, and win cool prizes by mentioning Gold’s gym class on Facebook or doing other simple tasks. High-energy exercise programs through the Gold’s Gym Challenge push you to your limits physically, helping you totally transform your body. With senior fitness classes, older athletes can join a group workout atmosphere, boosting morale and offering great chances for socialization.