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Partner with a certified fitness instructor at the Gold’s Gym in Pasadena, California, to get started at the gym or to switch up your gym routine if you’re a gym enthusiast. Our personal trainers create a program just for you based on your current level of fitness and your individual goals. One-on-one workouts with a fitness coach for beginners include learning proper exercise form using our modern cardio equipment, resistance machines and free weights. With our physical trainers, fitness enthusiasts meet with a male or female personal trainer to discuss specific areas of weakness and engage in workouts targeting those areas.

Achieve weight loss with certified fitness instructors with calorie-burning one-on-one workouts. With personal trainers at this family fitness center, get an individualized workout program, including healthy menu suggestions to maximize your weight loss program. Our fitness coaches help you trim inches from your waist and sculpt your body with high-intensity interval training where you perform exercises like planks, sit ups and squats for short periods of time in repetitive sequences. With a physical trainer, smash through your weight loss goals in a shorter amount of time.

With a certified fitness instructor, crush your weight loss goals with individualized workouts and healthy menu plans. One-on-one workouts with our personal trainers trim the inches off your body quickly and safely.

  • Raven Barnes
    Raven Barnes - Personal Trainer Read Trainer Bio
  • Christina Torres
    Christina Torres - Personal Trainer Read Trainer Bio
  • Danielle Ortiz
    Danielle Ortiz - Personal Trainer Read Trainer Bio
  • Geovanny Caballero
    Geovanny Caballero - Personal Trainer Read Trainer Bio
  • Bryan Olivas
    Bryan Olivas - Personal Trainer Read Trainer Bio
    Bryan Olivas Bryan Olivas - Personal Trainer Sports Fitness Training, Personal Fitness Coach, Local Sports Coach & Certified Personal Training A dedicated personal trainer, Bryan Olivas is committed to helping his clients reach their fitness goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The best fitness trainers can help you in a variety of areas, and Bryan's specialties include muscle building, strength training, sports performance, conditioning and sports nutrition. Bryan is a certified fitness trainer with the International Sports Sciences Association, and he has a lifetime of sporting experience to call on. See More
  • Sako Spruill
    Sako Spruill - Personal Trainer Read Trainer Bio
  • Rudy Seror
    Rudy Seror - Personal Trainer Read Trainer Bio
  • Jason Generose
    Jason Generose - Personal Trainer Read Trainer Bio

Partner with Gold’s certified fitness instructors for high energy workouts that challenge you and make you look forward to coming to the gym.

Certified fitness instructors at the Gold’s Gym in Pasadena, California, give you the tools you need to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Our personal trainers have all passed Gold’s Fitness Personal Trainer Certification exam, and also hold accreditation from highly regarded fitness organizations such as the American College of Sports Medicine. With this knowledge, our fitness coaches answer your fitness and nutrition questions and create a balanced workout program for you. Our physical trainers have experience working with all types of people facing different challenges, and know how to motivate you to realize your fitness goals.

Busy parents partner with certified fitness instructors to maximize their gym time while their children enjoy age-appropriate activities in our Kid’s Club. With a personal trainer, Moms and Dads sculpt their bodies in one-on-one workouts and learn special exercises they can do in the comfort of their own home when they are watching TV with the kids or find themselves with a little free time. Our fitness coaches know what it's like to run from one place to the next and can suggest healthy eating tips for parents on the go. Workouts with physical trainers are perfect for anyone who needs to squeeze the most out of their time at the gym.