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Commit to the gym program, the Gold's Gym Challenge, at the Lapalco Gold's Gym in Harvey, Louisiana, and transform your body and change your life in this intensive workout program. Sign up for this fitness affiliate program and you'll sweat to smash your fitness goals in 12 weeks, and along the way, you can share your exercise milestones with other Challengers on Twitter, using the #GGChallenge hashtag when you Tweet. Discover our invigorating senior exercise classes in the Silver Sneakers senior exercise program and get stronger, improve your cardio fitness and develop better coordination, balance and range of movement alongside other seniors from your community. Members of this workout program for seniors also have access to the vibrant Silver Sneakers online community, where exercisers trade encouraging fitness stories.

Earn points in the gym program, Gold's Nation, at the Gold's Lapalco health club, and then redeem your points for cool and useful merchandise like Gold's Gym hoodies, water bottles, duffel bags and T-shirts. A member loyalty fitness affiliate program, the Gold's Nation plan asks participants to complete social media tasks such as posting the date they joined their Gold's Gym to their Facebook Timeline, and then valuable points are doled out in return. Work out in your senior exercise classes or other exercise routines and then pick a route in the yearly Tour de Cure biking events, which collect donations for the American Diabetes Association. Bike in this workout program and know that every mile you ride and every dollar you raise brings the ADA that much closer to curing diabetes, and your Tour de Cure bike route will be supported by rest stops, snacks to fuel your journey and fans to cheer you on.

Get involved in gym programs at the Lapalco Gold's Gym in Harvey, Louisiana, and boost your motivation to get fit. Join the Gold's Nation fitness affiliate program to earn points for nifty Gold's Gym gear.

For a gym program developed specifically for seniors, look into the Silver Sneaker exercise program for older adults.

Push yourself in gym programs at the Gold's Lapalco fitness club in Harvey, Louisiana, and our motivating workout programs include the Gold's Gym Challenge, a body transformation contest that lasts 12 weeks. Participants in this fitness affiliate program reset their fitness goals to a three-month schedule, and this grueling and rewarding fitness program has helped thousands of exercisers crush their exercise objectives and change their lives. Look for Silver Sneakers senior exercise classes at the Lapalco Gold's Gym if you're an older adult who wants a comprehensive senior fitness program that's liberating, fun and energizing. Through this workout program, seniors take greater control of their health and fitness and unlock the door to greater independence, and the Silver Sneakers program also features special online support for health issues such as quitting smoking, reducing fat and decreasing stress.

Join the Gold's Nation gym program at the Lapalco Gold's Gym and you'll earn points for doing what you're already doing: spreading the good word about Gold's Gym to your family and friends. In this fitness affiliate program, you'll complete "orders" such as Liking your Gold's Gym on Facebook or subscribing to the Gold's Gym YouTube channel, and you'll garner points which can be exchanged for nifty Gold's Gym workout clothing, gear and gift cards. Take our senior exercise classes or work out in your other fitness exercises and then sign up for our member education webinars to learn the latest health, fitness and nutrition information. Hosted by experts, these workout programs are broadcast live online and recorded, so if you miss a show, don't sweat it – you can watch and listen later when you find the time.