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Browse the weekly fitness class schedules at the Lapalco Gold's Gym in Harvey, Louisiana, and you're certain to pinpoint group workouts that match your athletic interests and exercise objectives. Take a cardio kickboxing class and un-cage your mixed martial arts contender with these high-powered non-contact workouts that combine elements from taekwondo, karate, kung fu and muay Thai. Unforgettable cardio sessions, kickboxing exercise workouts also boost your self-confidence and you'll leave a kickboxing class feeling empowered and ready to tackle any obstacle the day tosses your way. In our interval gym classes, you'll perform rapid-fire cardio drills at maximum intensity, and these high-octane group fitness workouts push fat burning systems into overdrive and spike your endorphin levels so you look good and feel great afterward.

Patient instructors lead fitness classes at the Lapalco Gold's fitness and health club, and our world-class coaches are passionate about fitness and making their fitness classes fun and engaging. Boost stamina in cardio kickboxing classes and destroy calories as you learn to block, kick, punch and strike and develop your inner warrior. Lose yourself in Zumba exercise workouts, which blend merengue, salsa, pop, hip-hop, rumba, mambo and other international dance steps with can't-stand-still world beats, and previous dance experience isn't required for these feel-great aerobic classes. Get pumped with gym classes that increase your lean muscle mass and our group strength training sessions use old-school curls, lifts, presses and squats to challenge all of your key muscle groups.

Fitness class schedules at the Gold's Lapalco gym in Harvey, Louisiana, are filled with inventive group workouts for every fitness level. Unleash yourself in cardio kickboxing classes based on several martial arts disciplines.

Our energizing fitness classes include group cycling workouts, Zumba and athletic interval fitness classes.

Jump into exciting fitness classes at the Lapalco Gold's health and fitness club in Harvey, Louisiana, and get fit in a fun, positive and supportive group environment. Punch and kick in cardio kickboxing classes and sharpen your agility, speed, timing and coordination in these dynamic fitness workouts inspired by a variety of martial arts from around the world. Motivating coaches teach our exercise workouts and our enthusiastic and experienced instructors make our strength training, flexibility and aerobic classes challenges you can't wait to conquer. Tone muscles in gym classes that use an array of classic weight room exercises like curls, squats, presses and lifts, and these group strength training workouts help you burn fat, gain strength and increase your confidence in the gym.

With core strengthening fitness classes at the Lapalco Gold's Gym, you'll set the foundation for true fitness, and our core workouts improve functional fitness for better daily living. Unleash yourself in a cardio kickboxing class and try Zumba even if you think you have two left feet because this dance-based cardio class is exhilarating and easy to follow. In our group cycling exercise workouts, you'll pedal across a variety of simulated terrains sweating and reaching for that endorphin high alongside a determined pack of fellow riders. Test your limits in gym classes like our sports conditioning group workouts that combine lightening-fast plyometric, running and side-stepping drills with hard-driving strength training intervals, and our sports conditioning classes are ideal for league players looking to get back in shape before the new season.