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Increase stamina in cardio Silver Sneakers classes at the Algiers Gold's Gym in New Orleans, Louisiana, and strengthen your entire body with Silver Sneakers group muscle building sessions. We also program senior yoga classes, which help older exercisers improve their range of movement, flexibility and balance while reducing stress and raising mental awareness. Commit to the corporate fitness program, the Gold's Gym Challenge and re-set your health, nutrition and fitness objectives to a demanding 12-week schedule, and during your fitness journey you can tap into supportive online Challenger Resources like fitness articles, video workouts and exercise tipsheets. Commit to this exercise program and connect and share milestones with other Challengers by joining the Challenger Facebook Group and by using the #GGChallenge hashtag on Twitter.

Tackle your Silver Sneakers classes or other workouts at the Gold's Algiers fitness center and register for the Tour de Cure cycling series, which is a series of nationwide, non-competitive routes that collect donations for the American Diabetes Association. Senior yoga classes or other yoga workouts improve flexibility, and these classes will help your body prepare for your bike route, and each route is supported by rest stops, snacks to fuel your ride and plenty of fans to encourage you to keep pedaling! Members in the corporate fitness program, Gold's Nation, have fun completing simple social media activities, and in return, members earn points that can redeemed for cool Gold's Gym gear, gift cards and other merchandise. Sweat in your exercise program workouts and then carry out a few Gold's Nation orders, such as Liking the Algiers Gold's Gym on Facebook, and start piling on the points in your Gold's Nation bank.

Explore Silver Sneakers classes at the Algiers Gold's Gym in New Orleans, Louisiana, and get fit in a comprehensive exercise program for seniors. Senior yoga classes promote flexibility and help range of movement.

Work out in Silver Sneakers classes and share your exercise milestones with other older adults on the Silver Sneakers online community page.

Get fit in spirited Silver Sneakers classes at the Algiers Gold's fitness and health club in New Orleans, Louisiana, and we offer this exercise program for seniors because Gold's Gym believes in healthy living for everyone, and that means staying fit and being active for life. Increase flexibility with senior yoga classes, and our yoga sessions are mat-based, low-impact and easy to follow. In this corporate fitness program for older exercisers, seniors improve their overall wellbeing with comprehensive group workouts, and when you begin the Silver Sneakers program, a specially trained program advisor will explain the classes, go over all the benefits and introduce you to your Silver Sneakers class instructors. Join this exercise program and you'll also gain access to the lively Silver Sneakers online community where you can share your fitness success stories.

Carefully paced aerobic Silver Sneakers classes at the Algiers Gold's Gym get your heart pumping in the target zone, and our senior cardio Silver Sneakers classes include step classes that use a height-adjustable platform and non-complex choreography. In our senior yoga group workouts, you'll learn the vital poses, postures and stretching sequences, and you'll reduce stress with vivid visualizations and calming and centering breathing techniques. Earn points in the corporate fitness program, Gold's Nation, by finishing social media "orders," such as posting the date you joined the Algiers Gold's fitness gym to your Facebook Timeline or by subscribing to the Gold's Gym YouTube channel. Participate in the exercise program, the Tour de Cure and spend a fun day on your bike in support of the American Diabetes Association.