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Add an aerobic workout class to your fitness program, and we offer an exciting array of cardio fitness classes at the Algiers Gold's Gym in New Orleans, Louisiana. Jump into a Zumba workout class and lose yourself in the low, mid-tempo and high-speed world beats in this aerobic class filled with rumba, mambo, merengue, salsa, pop, flamenco and other international dance styles. Torch calories with cycling aerobic exercise classes where you and a team of tenacious fellow riders speed through interval sprints and take on tough climbs and rolling hills, and our cycling sessions use the very latest exercise bikes. Boost self-confidence in local kickboxing classes as you learn how to deliver different martial arts moves in a precise, fast and effective manner, and these empowering fitness classes will leave you ready to battle any obstacles the day throws in your path.

Take BodyCombat aerobic workouts at the Algiers Gold's Gym and develop your core muscles and the muscles in your arms, shoulders and legs with these rousing cardio kickboxing classes. Our yoga workout classes include foundational yoga sessions that are ideal for novice yogis, and our beginner yoga classes start with the sun salutation and then work into the many other essential standing and seated yoga poses. Total body workouts combine aerobic exercise classes with weight lifting fitness classes for intense, all-in-one sessions that are time-efficient and deliver rapid and lasting results. Take BodyFlow after a local kickboxing class and improve flexibility, range of movement, coordination and balance while enhancing your body's muscular symmetry, posture and alignment.

Burn through calories with aerobic workout classes at the Algiers Gold's Gym in New Orleans, Louisiana. Get stronger with BodyPump workout classes that challenge all the key muscle groups.

In addition to aerobic workouts and strength training classes, we schedule mixed-level and beginner yoga classes.

Look for inventive aerobic workout classes, strength training workouts and yoga and Pilates group exercise sessions at the new and ultramodern Algiers Gold's Gym in New Orleans, Louisiana. Committed coaches lead our workout classes, and these inspiring and skilled fitness instructors keep our group workouts engaging and challenging, so you'll keep coming back again and again. Build endurance with cycling aerobic exercise classes that plough through an array of punishing – and rewarding – routes, from steep mountain climbs to lengthy flat stretches and fast-breaking interval splits. Punch and strike in local kickboxing classes where you bring your best fighter attitude and leave your inhibitions at the door, but don't worry: these high-energy martial arts-inspired cardio classes and completely non-contact.

Have a blast in aerobic workouts at the Gold's Algiers Gold's fitness club, and our group cardio workouts include low-impact step classes that gradually move from basic movements o more intense aerobic routines. Try a yoga workout class and learn how to focus your mind and raise your level of consciousness with these ancient movements and restorative breathing techniques. Supplement your aerobic exercise classes with a core strengthening class that targets your abs, sling muscles and the deep postural muscles of your back, and our group core workouts enhance functional fitness so you stand stronger, play harder and run faster each day. Along with local kickboxing classes, we program high-octane cardio dance workouts featuring simple but seriously fun choreography set to the hottest club and pop remixes.