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Fitness classes at Aurora Gold's Gym are designed to be fun and engaging so you have fun while losing weight and getting fit. Encouraging Gold's Gym Aurora CO fitness coaches lead a range of program options so you can find the right exercise for your style and goals. Stop by your local gym to see the complete class list that includes full-body aerobic workouts like Zumba where you dance to Latin-infused beats for an innovative way to get fit. Extensive Gold's Gym hours start early in the morning and last until late at night most days so you are able to fit your desired class into your schedule.

Dumbbells in Aurora gym's large free weight area also includes muscle-building resistance machines to carve bigger or leaner muscles. Whatever your goal, Gold's Gym Aurora CO has the right equipment and knowledgeable staff to help you achieve it. Your local Gold's Gym is staffed with personal trainers ready to meet and chat with you about everything from losing weight to bulking up, and they can help with dieting information to maximize your results. Convenient Gold's Gym hours make it easier than ever to obtain expert information from motivated and encouraging fitness coaches who are dedicated to helping you get fit.

In Gold's Aurora gym location, improve endurance, lung capacity, and more with top-quality cardio and weight lifting equipment. The convenient Gold's Gym Aurora CO family fitness center also features engaging group fitness programs so you can enjoy a friendly, social gym experience.

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15151 E. Mississippi Avenue, Aurora, CO 80012


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15151 E. Mississippi Avenue
Aurora Aurora
With Aurora gym's extensive selection of cardio and weight lifting equipment, your local Gold's Gym has everything to get you fit and have fun. Try Gold's Gym Aurora CO group classes, or get one-on-one exercise and nutritional counseling to get the most from your workout.
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    Mon - Fri : 5:00am - 10:00pm

    Sat - Sun : 6:00am - 6:00pm

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  • Kids ClubGym Kids Club

    Mon - Fri : 8am - 12pm & 4pm - 8pm

    Sat : 8am - 12pm

    Sun : Closed

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Muscle-building equipment in Aurora Gyms' free weight area includes everything from dumbbells to resistance machines for getting leaner and stronger muscles.

Aerobic fitness classes at Aurora Gold's Gym are fun ways to get your whole body moving in order to lose weight and increase endurance. Join a Gold's Gym Aurora CO fitness class to lose pounds and improve overall strength while having fun. Your local gym's fitness programs are led by motivational fitness coaches, and classes are available for every fitness level so everyone gets a great workout. Wide-ranging Gold's Gym hours provide multiple days and times to fit your preferred class into your busy schedule.

The Aurora gym's class options include effective workouts and relaxation techniques with yoga classes that improve flexibility and balance. Pilates classes at Gold's Gym Aurora CO are another low-impact fitness program designed to improve flexibility, overall strength and muscle control. Your local Gold's Gym has energetic class options, too, with multiple Zumba classes that feel more like a night at the club while you dance to achieve weight loss. Check Gold's Gym hours to find Kid's Club times where children enjoy engaging activities on site while you get in an effective workout in a class or flying solo.