Chapel Hill Crossing Zumba Classes, Workout Classes & Yoga Classes

Chapel Hill Crossing Cardio Fitness Classes, Gym Classes & Exercise Classes

Get fit in energizing group fitness classes that challenge you at the Chapel Hill Crossing Gold’s Gym in Akron, Ohio. With kickboxing fitness and cross training classes, release stress in high-energy workouts that tone your body and build your endurance. Our many types of exercise classes make it easy to target specific areas of your body in express conditioning classes focused on areas like your abs or legs. Balance your routine with workout classes that build flexibility and inner peace like Hatha yoga and senior yoga.

Parents jump into group fitness classes to make the most of their gym time while their children enjoy engaging activities in our Kid’s Club. In high-energy kickboxing fitness classes, release the aggravations of a stressful day at work with strikes and kicks that also build strength and burn calories. With types of exercise classes ranging from dance-inspired Zumba to sports-focused cross training, Moms and Dads discover classes that match their interests. Zen out in workout classes at this family fitness center where you will find yoga classes taught at all levels that focus on stress management and finding inner peace.

Build endurance with group fitness classes like indoor cycling where you ride through virtual mountains, hills and plateaus to motivating music. Or, true kickboxing fitness classes designed to give you a fierce cardio workout.

With high-energy group fitness classes like kickboxing fitness, melt pounds and sculpt your body at this local gym.

Whether you prefer group fitness classes that focus on improved flexibility like senior yoga, or invigorating indoor cycling classes that get your heart pumping, the Chapel Hill Crossing Gold’s Gym in Akron, Ohio, has the class for you. Our kickboxing fitness classes whip you into shape with kicks, jabs and strikes set to powerful music. Or engage in types of exercise classes that feel more like a dance party like Zumba where you salsa, mambo and merengue to hot Latin beats. Wind down in workout classes like yoga to release stress and focus on inner peace.

Melt pounds with group fitness classes like interval cycling classes that alternate intense bursts of cycling with muscle building for a total body workout. Spark your metabolism with kickboxing fitness classes that feature martial arts-inspired footwork and moves. All types of exercise classes are offered at this health club to keep you challenged and inspired. Start with low impact workout classes if you are out of shape and work your way up to more intense classes to smash your weight loss goals.