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Motivating certified personal trainers at the Van Ness Gold's Gym in Washington D.C., keep up to date on the latest exercise trends in order to design workouts that you look forward to doing. Exercise with a personal trainer to improve flexibility, endurance, balance and strength. Our fitness experts have all passed the rigorous Gold's Gym Fitness Personal Training exam, and many also hold accreditation from other renowned fitness organizations like the National College of Sports Medicine. Combine personal fitness training with nutrition counseling for a smart approach to health and wellness.

Partner with a certified personal trainer if you are a competitive athlete who wants to improve your sports performance. Choose a personal trainer who has experience training runners if you are getting ready to compete in your first 5k or are an experienced runner training for your next marathon. Our fitness experts are passionate about helping members overcome their fitness challenges. Personal fitness training varies from person to person, so meet with a fitness coach to discuss your goals and receive a workout program tailored specifically for you.

Lose weight with a certified personal trainer at this health club, and trim inches from your waist with hard-driving cardio workouts and intense muscle building sessions. Our personal trainers are dedicated to helping you get results.

  • Megan Freedman
    Megan Freedman - Personal Trainer DC Physical Trainers, Fitness Trainers in DC Gyms & Certified Personal Trainers Read Trainer Bio
    Megan Freedman Megan Freedman - Personal Trainer Personal Trainers in DC Gyms, Fitness Trainers & Certified Personal Trainers DC One of our personal trainers near you, Megan Freedman helps you take control of your fitness, and feel comfortable working out in the gym. Personal training starts with learning proper exercise form and technique to prevent injury, and then moves onto address your personal fitness goals. And fitness trainer Megan uses her extensive knowledge of health and fitness to create one-on-one training sessions that are fun for you, while also delivering results. See More
  • Caitlin Meyd
    Caitlin Meyd - Personal Trainer Personal Fitness Trainers DC, Certified Personal Trainers in DC Gyms & Physical Trainers Read Trainer Bio
    Caitlin Meyd Caitlin Meyd - Personal Trainer Fitness Trainers, DC Personal Trainers & Certified Personal Trainers in DC Gyms Compared to online personal training, face-to-face personal training wins hands down because there is no substitution for the personalized instruction you get from a trainer who gets down on the floor with you to demonstrate proper exercise form and to motivate you to push through difficult exercises. Choose female personal trainer, Caitlin Meyd, for individualized workout programs, and experience the benefit of having a training program that has been carefully designed to reflect your goals, interests and fitness level. Caitlyn is a certified fitness trainer who is dedicated to helping you accomplish your fitness goals, and uncover your true fitness potential. See More
  • Reggie Prysock
    Reggie Prysock - Personal Trainer Certified Personal Trainers, DC Personal Trainers & Fitness Trainers in DC Gyms Read Trainer Bio
    Reggie Prysock Reggie Prysock - Personal Trainer Fitness Trainers, Personal Trainers in DC Gyms & DC Certified Personal Trainers Commit to training with personal fitness trainer, Reggie Prysock, if you are unsure of the best exercises to achieve your fitness objectives, and want someone certified in fitness training to provide you with a plan that is safe and effective. Like all of our personal trainers, Reggie has experience helping clients of different ages and abilities improve their health and fitness, and he is ready to help you, too. Whether you need a certified personal trainer to help you develop stronger muscles for surfing or you just want to look and feel more comfortable in your clothes, he provides the guidance, motivation and education you need to push your fitness to the next level. See More
  • Rob Guy
    Rob Guy - Personal Trainer Fitness Trainer in DC Gyms, Personal Trainers DC & Certified Personal Trainers Read Trainer Bio
    Rob Guy Rob Guy - Personal Trainer Personal Fitness Trainers in DC Gyms, Certified Personal Trainers & DC Physical Trainers Certified fitness trainer, Rob Guy, readily admits that nothing worth attaining in life is ever easy, and is ready to give you the support, guidance and motivation you need to attain a healthier lifestyle. He is a fitness trainer who believes in a holistic approach to health and fitness that focuses on your physical, mental and spiritual state. And he is a personal trainer who specializes in weight loss, bodybuilding, core strengthening and muscle toning. See More

Work out with a certified personal trainer at this local gym, and defeat the gym doldrums that sometime occur when you limit yourself to working out alone.

Certified personal trainers design workout programs for clients based on the science of sports physiology and results-driven experience at the Van Ness Gold's Gym in Washington D.C. Our personal trainers know that one of the hardest parts of exercising is leaving time in your busy day to do it, so our fitness coaches create workouts that maximize your gym time. And, our fitness experts also provide positive encouragement and tips on staying motivated to help you on your path to establishing a habit of staying fit. Commit to personal fitness training when you are ready to make your health and fitness goals reality.

Slim down with a certified personal trainer and gain an accountability partner who can push you to workout harder and stay focused on eating clean. Sessions with our personal trainers can include boot camp style workouts that fuse high-energy cardio interval training with strength training. Our fitness experts use their arsenal of invigorating cardio exercises to supercharge your metabolism. Along with personal fitness training, include nutrition counseling as part of your weight loss program if you need healthy meal ideas and cooking tips.