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At the Gold's Gym Simi Valley CA location, you won't just find your average fitness center near you. More than another Simi Valley gym, Gold's offers state-of-the-art strength training equipment to help you with muscle building plus a heavy bag boxing area where you can bulk up one jab or uppercut at a time. Try this Gold's Gym location's weight room between boxing sessions for a few quick reps and start seeing visible results sooner. When you purchase a Gold's Gym membership in Simi Valley or at other locations throughout the state, you'll also have exposure to renowned fitness experts who can help you use dynamic boxing routines to enhance your agility and build muscle.

At Gold's Gym Simi Valley CA, we know not everyone wants that intense of a workout. That's why the Simi Valley gym has low-impact fitness classes like Pilates that helps you lengthen your muscles, strengthen your core and increase your flexibility. This Gold's Gym location also has a eucalyptus sauna, so you can have a nice steam to relax those tired muscles. With a Gold's Gym membership, you can choose how intense you want your workout to be with a variety of classes, amenities and fitness equipment.

Come in to the Gold's Gym Simi Valley CA location and try an aquatic-inspired class that uses the natural resistance of water to help you sculpt and tone your body in new and challenging ways. Or try the Simi Valley gym boxing ring or heavy bag area for a full-body, boxing workout.

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Discover what Gold's Gym Simi Valley CA can do when you dance away calories with a Zumba class that infuses Latin rhythms with cardio exercise to create an aerobic routine that is fun and easy to follow.

Stop by Gold's Gym Simi Valley CA for a fiercely energetic BODYCOMBAT class where you'll get an empowering workout inspired by martial arts. When you try this Simi Valley gym class, you'll focus on a range of disciplines including karate, boxing, taekwondo and tai chi. Visit this Gold's Gym location and strike, punch, kick and kata your way to superior cardio fitness. With your Gold's Gym membership, improve your strength, agility and endurance with these types of intense classes.

Gold's Gym Simi Valley CA offers fitness classes you'd expect from a fitness gym like cycling classes where you can pedal your way over hills and valleys to tone and sculpt your lower body. And, the Simi Valley gym features signature classes that offer a new level of intensity like in our BODYPUMP group class, a toning and conditioning class with weights and compelling choreography to give you a unique workout experience. Like other Gold's Gym locations, this fitness gym also has all the amenities you'd expect from any fitness center near you, including a locker room, tanning center, and exciting extras like a pro shop and Cardio Theater where you can screen Hollywood blockbusters while blasting fat. Use your Gold's Gym membership today and access modern facilities that will keep you active and engaged and invested in your fitness.
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