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Try a Gold's Gym Santa Clara CA location during flexible Gold's Gym hours, and you'll see why 3 million people have chosen to become members at this fitness center. Blast fat at the Santa Clara gym for an hour in an intensive BODYCOMBAT, and you'll see what we mean when you experience the high-octane workout that combines cardio and martial arts moves. Get a Gold's FREE pass now and stop by your local Santa Clara location after work tonight and try a cross training class to get your heart rate climbing. Or, join this Gold's Gym location's BODYPUMP class to get ripped with a circuit of weight training techniques.

Gold's Gym Santa Clara CA also has less extreme workouts for those looking to slow down and unwind after a busy day. Zen out in a Santa Clara gym's yoga class to reconnect and center, using rhythmic breathing techniques and slow movements to help with stress management and muscle toning. With your Gold's FREE pass, you'll have access to our qualified personal trainers and fitness experts who can help you create a stress reducing diet and exercise plan. A membership at this Gold's Gym location also comes with wealth of online tools to help you track your fitness and guide you in the right direction with your helpful informative articles.

Gold's Gym Santa Clara CA offers flexible hours, a variety of strength training and sculpting courses and personalized fitness trainers, making it more than just another gym near you. At the Santa Clara gym, challenge your friends to a vigorous race in our group studio cycle room while you listen to the latest tunes.

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More than a gym, Gold's Gym Santa Clara CA is a place where you work toward a lifetime of fitness and healthy food choices with customized workout routines and diet plan designed by expert instructors.

Pick Gold's Gym Santa Clara CA, and find a full line of exciting cardio classes that include advanced athletic-based endurance classes involving drills and intervals. Or, try the Santa Clara gym's spinning classes where you'll power over virtual hills and valleys. With a Gold's FREE pass, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain from this fitness center's wealth of amenities and fitness classes. And because each Gold's Gym location offers modern facilities and a variety of fitness classes, there's sure to be something for everyone.

Stop in to Gold's Gym Santa Clara CA and see for yourself why millions of people trust us for their health and fitness needs. Your local Santa Clara gym simply can't compete with the amenities and expertise you'll find at Gold's. We'll give you a Gold's FREE pass so you can try out our gym first hand by running a few miles on our treadmills or building muscle with our free weights. This Gold's gym location isn't just a fitness center; it's a place where you can build a better you.
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