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Boost metabolism at the Gold's Gym Lee's Summit MO health and fitness club using our breakthrough cardio deck and watch your favorite shows on the overhead flatscreen TVs while you torch through the calories. Gold's Lee's Summit gym stays open late most nights of the week, so even night owls will have a tough time coming up with an excuse to skip a workout. Improve flexibility with your Gold's Gym membership in a group yoga workout and feel centered, renewed and stress-free. Cycle with your Gold's Gym FREE pass and boost endurance while toning and shaping your legs, hips and booty, and our indoor cycling gym is temperature controlled for extra comfort.

Get pumped at the Gold's Gym Lee's Summit MO fitness center in a 60-minute muscle building workout that challenges every major muscle group. Unwind at Gold's Lee's Summit gym in our comfortably heated dry sauna, where muscle aches and the day's worries melt away. Work out using your Gold's Gym membership while your children play in our Kid's Club, an on-site play space that's supervised by an adult, and our Kid's Club is open all week long. Visit us with a Gold's Gym FREE pass, which you can find online, or request this local gym FREE pass by phone or in person.

Visit the Gold's Gym Lee's Summit MO health and fitness club with a Gold's Gym FREE pass, and test-drive our indoor cycle studio. Gold's Lee's Summit gym also boasts a dedicated yoga and Pilates studio.

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    Lee's Summit Fitness Centers & Gyms Exercise Programs, Certified Personal Training, Gym Memberships & Free Gym Passes Find Zen at our Lee's Summit gym with a group yoga workout that combines traditional stretches, poses and postures with ancient breathing techniques. Get fit at the Gold's Gym Lee's Summit MO fitness club with invigorating solo workouts, group exercise classes or inspiring one-on-one personal training workouts with a Gold's Gym fitness trainer. See more

Unleash yourself at the Gold's Gym Lee's Summit MO location with a high-powered martial arts-style group workout where you kick, punch, strike and kata your way to superior cardio fitness.

Cycle at the Gold's Gym Lee's Summit MO fitness club in our state-of-the-art spinning gym for a weatherproof bike ride any day of the year. Gold's spacious Lee's Summit gym is 46,000 square feet, and boasts other breakthrough fitness facilities, like our dedicated yoga and Pilates studio, which keeps out surrounding noise for peacefully quiet stretching sessions. Fire up your Gold's Gym membership to this world-class local gym and carve muscles using the very newest strength training machines. Request a Gold's Gym FREE pass on our website, by phone or stop by and pick up your guest gym pass at the front desk.

Get fit at the Gold's Gym Lee's Summit MO location in a spirited martial arts-based fitness class that unleashes your hidden MMA star, or bike with a pack of determined riders in a high-octane group cycling class. Learn yoga at the Lee's Summit gym and see how these ancient poses, postures and breathing techniques improve coordination, flexibility and balance and help manage stress. Maximize your Gold's Gym membership with total body conditioning workouts that combine strength training routines with cardio exercises for super time-efficient workouts that are ideal for exercisers on tight schedules. Activate your Gold's Gym FREE pass and you'll see why more than 3 million exercisers throughout the world have made a Gold's Gym the focus of their fitness plans.

Use personal training at a local Gold’s Gym to step up your health game, whether you’re a beginner or seasoned veteran to working out. With extensive local gym hours at all our locations nearby Kansas City MO there is always time to fit your favorite exercises into your schedule. Consider gym memberships at the closest Gold’s Gym whether that’s Boardwalk Ave, Kansas City, Olathe KS or close by Missouri locations. Missouri gym locations include Liberty MO and Lee’s Summit MO, so no matter where you live or work, there is always a gym nearby staffed with friendly personnel all dedicated to helping you achieve fitness success.

More than personal training, Gold’s Gym locations such as Kansas City MO, Boardwalk Ave, Kansas City and others, feature nutritional counseling and stress management. Stop by during local gym hours to sign up or speak with a fitness coach one on one to start creating a plan individualized for you. Gym memberships at all locations, including Liberty MO, Lee’s Summit MO and Olathe KS also feature the highest-quality equipment whether you prefer cardio and resistance machines or an extensive free weight selection.
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