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At a Gold's Gym San Jose CA facility in your area, you'll find a diverse array of group exercise classes for every fitness level. The classes at our San Jose gyms are led by our experienced instructors in an upbeat, fast-paced environment that makes burning calories fun. Whether you're at Gold's Gym South San Jose or one of our other locations near you, we offer everything from Pilates classes to our signature BODYPUMP course, where you'll use weights and the best exercises from the weight room while listening to upbeat music. Come in to a Gold's Gym location near, you and pick up a copy of our exciting Gold's Gym class schedule where you'll find a class that's the right fit for you.

Personal trainers at our Gold's Gym San Jose CA location are available to work one-on-one with our members, making it easy to develop a fitness plan and stay motivated to stick with it. Our San Jose gym fitness experts meet high standards of excellence, including training in exercise physiology, nutrition, anatomy and a variety of other important areas. At our Gold's Gym South San Jose and other San Jose gym locations, you can work with a personal trainer to develop a fitness plan that works for you, whether you want to get ripped for a competition or meet a major weight loss goal. Join a Gold's Gym location in San Jose and discover how personal training can help you meet and break through your fitness goals.

With convenient hours, the Gold's Gym San Jose CA locations near you make it easier than ever to get fit. Our San Jose gyms let you get a workout in before work or after dinner – and with comfortable locker rooms, you can head straight to your next destination.

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    1893 Monterey Road

    San Jose, CA 95112


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    San Jose Gyms & Fitness Centers Group Fitness Classes, Gym Memberships, Exercise Programs & Personal Trainers Finding a San Jose gym for the whole family is easy when you sign up at a Gold's Gym near you. That's because our Gold's Gym San Jose CA health club offers workout options for everyone, including fitness classes, cardio equipment and free weights as well our convenient Kid's Club – all in one world-class family fitness center. See more
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    San Jose Gyms & Fitness Centers

    121 Bernal Road

    San Jose, CA 95119


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    San Jose Fitness Centers & Gyms Personal Trainers, Gym Memberships, Exercise Classes & Fitness Programs Find the right San Jose gym for all of your health and fitness goals at a Gold's Gym in your area. Our Gold's Gym South San Jose CA is a state-of-the-art local gym where we offer everything from personal training and nutrition counseling to exciting group fitness classes, all in one friendly location. See more

Come to a Gold's Gym San Jose CA gym near you, and discover a variety of amenities that make exercise feel less like work – from fun Zumba classes to friendly personal trainers.

Jose gyms have convenient Gold's Gym hours that start early and go late, so you can make working out fit into any schedule. And with two locations, Gold's Gym South San Jose and the Gold's Gym San Jose, you'll find a family fitness center that's close to home or work. Come down to the Gold's Gym location near you, and discover how a Gold's Gym membership makes getting in shape a goal that you can achieve.

Choose the Gold's Gym San Jose CA location closest to you for all of your fitness goals, from building muscle to increasing endurance. Our San Jose gyms offer a variety of exercise options for everyone, whether you're looking to take a fun, fast-paced group exercise class or bulk up on our free weights. Including our Gold's Gym South San Jose location, the Gold's Gym fitness center near you also offers personal training and nutrition counseling with our world-class fitness experts. With so much, the Gold's Gym location in your area is the ideal fitness center for discovering a healthier, happier you.
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