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Make a Gold's Gym Birmingham AL your home-base for all things health and fitness. Your local Birmingham gym has resources to help you develop a diet and exercise plan that really works for you; from nutrition counseling to our easy-to-use Know Your Own Strength and Workout Builder online tools. Work with our Gold's Gym Colonnade fitness experts to burn calories, take inches off your waist and build healthy muscle all over. Or, stop by this Gold's Gym location to increase endurance on our industry-best fitness equipment. Whatever your goals are, a Gold's Gym membership gives you access to everything you need to make them a reality.

Take charge at Gold's Gym Birmingham AL when you start working out at one of our state-of-the-art facilities. You can use a Birmingham gym to work on stress management in a Pilates class, build bigger biceps on our resistance machines or tone your tummy in one of our ab classes. Whatever you need, Gold's Gym Colonnade and Gold's Gym Vestavia have all of the resources to help you meet and breakthrough your fitness goals. Come down to your Gold's Gym location and get started melting away fat in a Zumba class or getting ripped on our free weights. With a Gold's Gym near you, anything is possible.

Find a Gold's Gym Birmingham AL family fitness center near you where everyone can get in shape and have a great time. Bring the family – our Birmingham gyms have a fun Kid's Club and a variety of exciting exercise options for Mom and Dad.

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  • 33.437569
    Birmingham (Colonnade)

    3427 Colonnade Parkway

    Birmingham, AL 35243


    View Gym Details Colonnade (Birmingham) Gym Locations, Exercise Class Schedules, Local Personal Training, Muscle Building & Yoga Classes View gym page
    Birmingham (Colonnade) Colonnade (Birmingham) Gold's Gym Locations, Fitness Class Schedules, Cardio Fitness Experts, Weight Lifting Coach, Weight Loss Classes, Muscle Building & Local Gold's Gym Hours Choose a Birmingham gym that gives you a variety of exciting amenities and all the best workout options. Gold's Gym Colonnade is one of our Gold's Gym Birmingham AL locations where you'll find everything from state-of-the-art ellipticals and free weights to tanning and a sauna. See more
  • 33.437071
    Birmingham (Vestavia)

    1090 Montgomery Hwy

    Birmingham, AL 35216


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    Birmingham (Vestavia) Vestavia (Birmingham) Gold's Gym Locations, Workout Class Schedules, Weight Loss Classes, Pilates Training, Family Fitness, Cardio Health, Weight Lifting & Local Gold's Gym Hours Join a Birmingham gym that is a cut above the rest when you sign up for a Gold's Gym membership. The Gold's Gym Vestavia location is one of our Gold's Gym Birmingham AL locations where we have a basketball court, swimming pool and sauna – in addition to the state-of-the-art equipment and friendly personal trainers that make Gold's Gym a trusted name in fitness. See more

Transform your body at Gold's Gym Birmingham AL when you take advantage of personal training and nutrition counseling from our expert fitness coaches.

Get going at a Gold's Gym Birmingham AL when you join one of our group fitness classes or start a new routine on our state-of-the-art cardio equipment. When you join a Birmingham gym, you can also take spinning classes in the cycle studio or shoot hoops on our basketball court. Or check out the Gold's Gym Colonnade Cardio Cinema where you can get in a cardio workout while watching a movie on the big screen. Whether your Gold's Gym location is a place where you catch a favorite TV show while using the elliptical or burn calories in an aerobics class, we've got a variety of ways to keep you moving.

Building muscle at Gold's Gym Birmingham AL is easier than ever when you take advantage of all of the resources we offer. Our Birmingham gyms have personal training so you can work with a fitness coach to develop a workout routine that really targets your goals. Also, the Gold's Gym Colonnade and Vestavia locations provide a variety of industry-best fitness equipment, including all of the best free weights and resistance machines to help you bulk up or tone up. Start lifting at the Gold's Gym location in your area, and see how nutrition counseling from our friendly staff can help you see better results.
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