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At Gold's Gym Wenatchee WA, our fitness facilities are designed to provide a diverse range of training techniques and opportunities so your workout stays fun, fresh and exciting. Our Wenatchee gym offers the latest cardio machines, including elliptical trainers, treadmills and exercise bikes designed to mimic high-performance racing bikes. This Gold's Gym location offers a vast selection of benches and free weights for an old-school weight lifting workout that will tone and sculpt every major muscle group. Our gym near you also offers TRX suspension training, a method born in the Navy SEALs to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability.

Discover group exercise at Gold's Gym Wenatchee WA and try a different workout each day with powerful and inspiring instructors leading the charge. Take BodyCombat at our Gold's Wenatchee gym for a fiercely energetic cardio workout where you kick, punch and strike your way to better fitness. For stress relief many Gold's Gym locations, including our Wenatchee location, also offer BodyFlow, a flexibility and balance class that combines yoga, Pilates and tai chi into carefully structured routines that leave you feeling centered and calm. Visit a Gold's Gym near you and ask about a Gold's Gym FREE pass to access one of our exciting classes with no obligation.

At Gold's Gym Wenatchee WA your Gold's Gym membership includes unlimited group exercise classes and access to our East Wenatchee fitness facilities. Join our Wenatchee gyms and begin your fitness journey today.

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    Wenatchee Fitness Centers & Gyms Wenatchee Gold's Gym Locations, Fitness Class Schedules, Wenatchee Gym Membership, WA Best Fitness Classes, Yoga Fitness Coach, Gold's Gym Weight Lifting, Fun Weight Loss Exercises, Muscle Building Workout, Cardio Exercises, Get Fit WA & Local Gold's Gym Hours Choose Gold's Wenatchee gym for its Kid's Club, where children take part in fun and supervised activities while their parents get fit. Learn yoga at the Gold's Gym Wenatchee WA family fitness center, or jump into a fun Zumba class at this convenient Gold's Gym location. See more

At Gold's Gym Wenatchee WA, our flexible Gold's Gym hours and diverse Gold's Gym class schedules make it easier than ever to make fitness a priority.

Personal training at Gold's Gym Wenatchee WA offers the valuable opportunity to receive one-on-one coaching and advice that you can carry with you for a lifetime. Gold's Wenatchee gym employs best-in-the-business fitness experts to develop a highly personalized and effective workout routine that will help you reach your goals faster than you ever imagined. Visit our Gold's Gym location to learn more about personal training and nutrition counseling, and meet our dedicated team of certified coaches and instructors. Your Gold's Gym membership is a great investment in your long-term health, wellness and happiness.

Boost endurance at Gold's Gym Wenatchee WA in one of our results-oriented cycling programs designed to accommodate all ages and abilities. Visit our Wenatchee gym for cycling inspired rides that will take you through hills, flats, mountain peaks, time trials and intervals for a pulse-pounding cardio workout. Build muscle at a gym near you with BodyPump, Gold's signature weight lifting class that provides all-over strength training using the best weight room exercises, including curls, squats, presses and lifts. Gold's fitness facilities are known for offering some of the most exciting and innovative group classes you'll find in any gym near you, like BodyCombat, a martial arts inspired workout that combines karate, taekwondo and muay Thai in a fiercely energetic and empowering cardio class.
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