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Join Gold's Gym Seattle WA for our results-oriented classes that combine the hottest music with cutting edge moves for the ultimate exercise experience. At our Seattle gyms, find an exciting mix of cycling classes, bootcamp-style challenges and some of the nation's most popular workouts, including yoga, Pilates, Zumba and high intensity interval training. Try BodyCombat at our Gold's Gym locations and experience the fiercely energetic fusion of karate, taekwondo and muay Thai in an intense full-body cardio workout that will have you punching, kicking and striking your way to a better body. Relieve stress at a gym near you with BodyFlow, our signature balance and flexibility class that combines Pilates, yoga and tai chi into carefully structured routines that leave you feeling calm and centered.

Gold's Gym Seattle WA is known for providing world-class amenities in our fitness centers near you, including unlimited tanning and hydrotherapy, executive locker rentals, LCD television screens and iPod docking stations on all of our cardio equipment, and in-house juice bars where you can relax and refresh with a specialty beverage. Our Seattle gyms near you aren't simply fitness centers; they're full-service health clubs committed to providing a holistic approach to health and wellness. That's why most Gold's Gym locations offer on-site nutrition counseling to help you maximize the time you spend in the gym and make healthy decisions out in the world. A Gold's Gym membership also gives you access to a full team of fitness experts ready and willing to answer your questions about the latest exercise techniques and trends.

At Gold's Gym Seattle WA, we're committed to making fitness a fun and convenient as possible. Some Gold's Seattle gyms even offer a Cardio Cinema that allows Gold's Gym members to work up a sweat while watching a full-length feature film on the big screen – working out has never been this entertaining.

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  • 47.62521
    Capitol Hill Gyms, Seattle Gyms & Fitness Centers

    401 Broadway Ave E. Broadway Market

    Seattle, WA 98102


    View Gym Details Capitol Hill (Seattle) Gym Locations, Fitness Class Schedules, WA Gold's Gyms, Seattle Capitol Hill Pilates & WA Fun Family Fitness Centers View gym page
    Capitol Hill Gyms, Seattle Gyms & Fitness Gyms Capitol Hill (Seattle) Gold's Gym Locations, Exercise Class Schedules, Seattle Weight Loss, Gold's Gym Fitness Trainers, Seattle Health Clubs, Capitol Hill Yoga Classes, WA Nutrition Counseling, Best Health and Fitness Advice, Get Fit WA & Local Gold's Gym Hours Sculpt muscles at Gold's Seattle gym in Capitol Hill with our state-of-the-art strength training machines, and try BODYPUMP at this Gold's Gym location for a one-hour weight lifting class that challenges every major muscle group. Refuel at the Gold's Gym Seattle Capitol Hill WA location with a refreshing drink from the juice bar. See more
  • 47.608871
    Downtown Seattle Gyms, Seattle Gyms & Fitness Centers

    1310 4th Ave

    Seattle, WA 98101


    View Gym Details Downtown Seattle Gym Locations, Workout Class Schedules, Gold's Gym Pilates, Seattle Downtown Cardio Fitness Clubs & WA Exercise Trainers View gym page
    Downtown Seattle Gyms, Seattle Gyms & Fitness Gyms Downtown Seattle Gold's Gym Locations, Exercise Class Schedules, Seattle Downtown Strength Training, WA Workout Centers, Gold's Gym Fitness Clubs, Weight Loss Coaches, Muscle Building Diets, Healthy Stress Management & Local Gold's Gym Hours Tan at Gold's Seattle gym downtown after working out at this ultramodern and convenient Gold's Gym location. Get fit at the Gold's Gym Seattle Downtown WA health and fitness center and then saddle up to our juice bar for a refreshing and nutritious drink. See more
  • 47.699951
    North Seattle Gyms, Seattle Gyms & Fitness Centers

    9701 Aurora Ave. North

    Seattle, WA 98103


    View Gym Details Seattle Gym Locations, Exercise Class Schedules, Gold's Gym Seattle North, WA Gym Membership & Healthy Diets & Fun Fitness Coaches View gym page
    North Seattle Gyms, Seattle Gyms & Fitness Gyms North Seattle Gold's Gym Locations, Fitness Class Schedules, Weight Lifting Health, Gold's Gym Personal Trainers, Seattle North Workout Clubs, WA Family Fitness, Pilates Centers, Yoga Fitness Coach, Weight Loss Exercises, Healthy Stress Management & Local Gold's Gym Hours Reach Zen at Gold's Seattle gym in North Seattle in a centering and calming yoga or Pilates class, and while at this Gold's Gym location, round out your fitness program with cardio and strength training workouts. Fitness coaches at the Gold's Gym Seattle North WA fitness center near you can help you push through fitness plateaus. See more

At Gold's Gym Seattle WA, visit our pro shop and stock up on all of your gym bag essentials.

With membership at a Gold's Gym Seattle WA location, workout with the help of our nationally certified personal trainers who will guide you toward reaching your health and wellness goals with an individualized workout program and expert advice. Gold's Seattle gyms are equipped with the latest benches and free weights, resistance equipment, and cardio machines, including treadmills, elliptical trainers and exercise bikes all outfitted with LCD television screens and iPod docking stations. Our Gold's Gym locations offer an exciting and supportive environment ideal for members who appreciate the motivation and accountability of a personal training session, and those who like the quiet focus of working out on their own. Ask about a Gold's Gym FREE pass and spend some time on our gym floor before committing to a Gold's Gym membership – you've got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

At Gold's Gym Seattle WA, it's possible to skip the gym floor altogether and still get a rigorous workout in one of our dynamic group exercise classes. With BodyPump, Gold's Seattle gyms bring the gym floor into the classroom with this 60-minute weight lifting class that uses curls, presses, squats and lifts for all-over strength training. Find a fitness center near you that offers BodyCombat, an empowering martial arts inspired cardio class supported by driving music and powerful role model instructors leading the charge. Many Gold's Gym locations are also known for their pulse-pounding cycling classes that let members control the intensity while they peddle through hills, flats, mountain peaks, time trials and intervals – if you can peddle a bike you can take our cycling classes.
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