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Team up with the Gold's Gym Tysons Corner VA fitness and health club if your goal is weight loss, and drop those pounds in no time with our state-of-the-art cardio equipment. While at the Tysons Corner gym, hit a high-powered cardio group exercise, like Zumba, for a workout that blasts through calories but feels more like a dance party. For muscle building, most Gold's Gym locations, including our Gold's Gym at Tysons Corner, offer BODYPUMP, our 60-minute weight lifting routine that sets the best weight room exercises to hard-driving pop and rock tunes. Your Gold's Gym membership also gives you the opportunity to chat with one of our certified personal trainers about designing workouts tailored to your fitness level and goals.

While at the new Gold's Gym Tysons Corner VA health club, test drive the latest models of exercise bikes in our dedicated indoor cycle studio, and push your endurance to new levels or challenge a workout partner to a rigorous race. Group cycle at the Tysons Corner gym in a class led by an inspirational coach who takes you and the pack through long flats, steep mountains, intense time trials and breakneck sprints. One of the many Gold's Gym locations with a yoga and Pilates studio, our Tysons Corner gym makes it easy to find a quiet and calming space to stretch and locate your center. Make your Gold's Gym membership count on the inside by speaking with a fitness coach for nutritional counseling to ensure that you're fueling your workouts with the healthiest food choices.

Stop by the new Gold's Gym Tysons Corner VA health and fitness center for a vigorous and calorie-crushing cardio class. Cardio workouts at the Tysons Corner gym range from low-impact classes to high intensity interval workouts.

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Find Zen at the Gold's Gym Tysons Corner VA fitness club in our quiet and temperature controlled yoga and Pilates studio.

Get fit at Gold's Gym Tysons Corner VA fitness club near you in a challenging but invigorating fitness class led by one of our world-class fitness coaches. Sculpt muscles at the Tysons Corner Gym in a non-impact toning and shaping class that uses light weights and resistance bands to work every major muscle. Many Gold's Gym locations, including our Tysons Corner Gold's Gym, also program group cycling workouts in the weekly Gold's Gym class schedules, and these energetic cardio workouts also improve functional fitness, so you run faster, play harder and stand stronger. Learn yoga with your Gold's Gym membership in a yoga session aimed at newbies, or, if you know the foundation poses, postures and stretches, try a mixed level yoga or Pilates class.

Our new Gold's Gym Tysons Corner VA health club is truly a family fitness center, as it features a Kid's Club - on-site daycare to help parents make their workouts without having to worry about finding a babysitter. Other highlights of this Tysons Corner gym near you include our dedicated cycle studio, which offers a weatherproof, temperature controlled bike ride any time of the year. Like many Gold's Gym locations, our Tysons Corner fitness and health club boasts a steam room and sauna to soothe and relax your muscles before the next grueling round of exercises. Obtain a temporary Gold's Gym membership online, in person or by calling us, and use your Gold's Gym FREE pass to take advantage of our exceptional amenities and top-tier fitness classes.
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