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Visit Gold's Gym Harrisonburg VA and get inspired by our certified personal trainers who will help you build a customized diet and exercise plan to maximize your fitness results. The Harrisburg gym has state-of-the-art fitness equipment including resistance machines and cardio equipment, so you can jump right in to sculpting a new you. All of our Gold's Gym locations including the Harrisonburg location come with access to a wealth of online information and tools to help you stay on track at the gym and at home. Choose a Gold's Gym membership and achieve fitness and health goals you've been wanting to accomplish with the guidance of our qualified staff.

Discover Gold's Gym Harrisonburg VA and see what you are capable of in a Gold's signature BODYCOMBAT class, an empowering group fitness cardio workout using mixed martial arts. Or, try our Harrisburg gym's yoga classes to increase your flexibility and relax your mind with yoga-inspired moves taught by expert instructors. Harrisburg and other Gold's Gym locations also offer heart-pumping interval training classes where cardio intervals are combined with resistance intervals, utilizing weight-plated equipment on the workout floor. With a Gold's Gym membership, you won't just spend hours jogging on a treadmill, you'll engage in your workout through a variety of workout methods, challenging your body and pushing yourself further.

Gold’s Gym Harrisonburg VA isn't just your average gym near you – it's a progressive workout environment where you can swim laps in a pool or challenge friends to a bike race in our temperature-controlled spinning room. At Gold's Harrisburg gym, take a Zumba class with friends, and you might just feel like you're at a cool dance club instead of a gym.

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    Harrisonburg Harrisonburg Gold's Gym Locations, Fitness Class Schedules, Family Fitness Clubs, Exercise Health Experts, Yoga And Pilates Classes & Local Gold's Gym Hours If you want a Harrisonburg gym that offers state-of-the-art facilities and is a family fitness center, look no further. At Gold's Gym Harrisonburg VA you’ll find something you won't find at other most fitness clubs – a Kid's Club where children can participate in supervised play while you burn calories in one of our fitness classes. See more

Burn fat at Gold's Gym Harrisonburg VA with an exciting BODYPUMP class where upbeat tunes and compelling choreography keep you going through your workout.

When you choose Gold's Gym Harrisonburg VA, you'll find more than your average gym near you. That's because the Harrisburg gym location has all the amenities you'd expect, including cardio and strength training equipment, plus practical extras like our onsite Kid's Club. Also available at other Gold's Gym locations, our Kid's Club lets your child participate in stimulating activities while you get more fit and healthy in one of our classes or workout out solo on cardio equipment. A Gold's Gym membership at Harrisburg also comes with access to an indoor swimming pool, so fitness can be fun for the whole family.

Make Gold's Gym Harrisonburg VA your premiere fitness gym and add working out and a healthy diet into your everyday routine. Choose from the Harrisburg gym's many exercise classes like kettleball training, where you can simultaneously increase functional strength and cardiovascular fitness while improving your balance. Visit our Harrisonburg Gold's Gym location with a Gold's FREE pass and tryout an invigorating aquatic-inspired workout that will help you achieve the health and fitness goals you've always wanted. If you decide a Gold's Gym membership is the right fit for you, we'll help you set manageable goals to make this fitness gym an effective tool to help you feel stronger and more confident.
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