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When you join Gold's Gym Fairfax Station VA, you aren't just getting state-of-the-art equipment and certified personal trainers, you're gaining access to an effective fitness program designed to help you achieve personalized goals. At this Fairfax Station Gym location, we offer nutrition counseling and personal training designed specifically to keep you on track with your fitness objectives. All of our Gold's Gym locations come equipped with a full line of amenities designed to make you stronger and more confident in your body and strength. Plus, with a Gold's Gym membership, you'll also have access to online tools like Workout Builder where you can enter information about your body and goals to create a personalized workout plan.

Your workout experience at Gold's Gym Fairfax Station VA can be as self-driven or collaborative as you choose. Group classes at Gold's Fairfax Station Gym range from intense calorie scorching, cardio with BODYATTACK and BODYCOMBAT classes to rejuvenating and strengthening yoga classes and Pilates classes. Like most Gold's Gym locations, this Fairfax fitness gym is also the perfect place to challenge yourself solo with an array of cardio and strength training equipment placed conveniently near flat screen TVs. Try a Gold's Gym membership today and find more than a local health club near you; find a gym that offers variety and fitness options that are tailored to suit your needs.

Gold's Gym Fairfax Station VA offers convenient hours, an array of body sculpting courses and personalized fitness trainers to make it more than just an average health club near you. At Gold's Fairfax Station gym, challenge your friends to a vigorous race in our group studio cycle room, or make new friends and get fit in our other fitness classes.

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    Fairfax Station Gyms & Fitness Centers Fitness Classes Fairfax Station, Certified Personal Trainers & Gym Memberships in Fairfax Station Gyms Gold's Fairfax Station gym is more than a health club; it's a facility staffed by skilled trainers who want to help you achieve lasting health and fitness goals. Trainers at Gold's Gym Fairfax Station VA bring a wealth of experience about dieting and nutrition and can help you design a customized and manageable workout and diet routine. See more

Chose Gold's Gym Fairfax Station VA and let us help you push yourself to your limits with fat-blasting cardio routines and fun yet invigorating group exercise classes designed to improve your health and fitness.

Make Gold's Gym Fairfax Station VA your local health club and make vigorous and challenging fitness classes a part of your everyday life for years to come. Joining Gold's Fairfax Station gym will give you the added boost you need to make fitness a priority because we will help you do more than just workout and diet. All of our Gold's Gym locations are staffed by trained professionals who make fitness and health their life goals and will help you do the same through crafting efficient meal and exercise plans. In this way, a Gold's Gym membership isn’t just a pass to a health club; it's a way for you to change your approach to fitness and health, not just for today but for tomorrow.

Gold's Gym Fairfax Station VA offers an variety of essential amenities such as functional training ropes, rockerboards and kettlebells to sculpt any muscle you can imagine – and maybe some you didn’t even know you had. Best of all, the Fairfax Station gym has an indoor basketball court where you can take a break from weight lifting and challenge friends to a pickup game. This Gold's Gym location also has a smoothie bar, so you can grab a quick cold beverage after you sweat it out on the court. Try out a Gold's Gym membership with our Gold's FREE pass and see for yourself what 3 million members already have.

Consider gym memberships at your local Fairfax Station VA Gold’s facility for getting in shape while having fun. Gym locations such as Alexandria VA and Arlington VA are equipped with top-quality equipment whether you enjoy cardio, resistance machines, free weights and more. Check local gyms for a full list of amenities that make it easy to get in shape or relax after a workout like the sauna and steam rooms at Bailey’s Crossroads VA. Exciting gym classes are also available at your nearest Gold’s location such as Chantilly VA, Fairfax Station VA or Falls Church VA.

Gym memberships to Leesburg VA, Reston VA and other Virginia Gold’s Gyms gives you access to an extensive list of group exercise programs to choose from. At your nearest gym locations whether you’re in Reston VA, Tyson’s Corner VA or over state lines in Washington DC, join in signature BODY classes that tone muscles, yoga for centering your mind and body or cycling for increased endurance. Local gyms such as Rockville MD, Olney MD and more are fully equipped with the best equipment too for working out alone or with a buddy whether you prefer cardio and resistance machines or free weights. With gym classes, top-quality equipment and professional fitness coaches ready to chat about personal training, nutrition and more, your nearest Gold’s Gym has everything you need for a great workout.
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