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Kids play at the Gold's Gym Bailey's Crossroads VA family fitness center in our on-site Kid's Club, an activity area that's allows parents time to hit their cardio, weight lifting or flexibility and balance workouts without having to worry about entertaining the children. Gold's Bailey's Crossroads gym has the equipment and fitness classes to get you to your personal goals, whether your aim is weight loss or to sculpt a beach-worthy physique. Most Gold's Gym locations, including the Bailey's Crossroads Gym close to you, schedule BODYPUMP, the 60-minute Les Mills group workout that sets curls, lifts, presses and squats to hard-driving rock and pop sounds. Or, use your Gold's Gym membership to take advantage of our top-tier strength training machines and numerous full sets of free weights.

Try BODYATTACK at Gold's Gym Bailey's Crossroads VA location if you're in a weekend sports league and looking to sharpen your speed, agility, power and stamina before next season. Cycle at Gold's Bailey's Crossroads gym in a group indoor cycling class that focuses on proper posture and emphasizes sound riding techniques. One of many Gold's Gym locations with a sauna, the Bailey's Crossroads Gold's fitness center near you also features a comfortable heated steam room and an on-site tanning facility. Your Gold's Gym membership to this, or any Gold's Gym location, gives you access to our world-class fitness experts, who can design workouts specifically for you and provide informed nutritional counseling.

Visit Gold's Gym Bailey's Crossroads VA fitness center near you for its on-site tanning facility, sauna and steam room. Parents appreciate Gold's Bailey's Crossroads gym for its Kid's Club, where children engage in age-appropriate activities.

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    Bailey's Crossroads Gyms & Fitness Gyms Exercise Classes Bailey's Crossroads, Certified Personal Trainers & Gym Memberships Bailey's Crossroads Gyms Shred muscle at Gold's Bailey's Crossroads gym in one of our muscle building weight lifting fitness classes, or tone and tighten muscles in a body-shaping class that uses light weights and resistance bands. For cardio, the Gold's Gym Bailey's Crossroads VA schedules Zumba, the hugely popular dance-inspired exercise routine. See more

Fitness classes at the Gold's Gym Bailey's Crossroads VA health club include workouts that use high intensity running, plyometric and strength training exercises to push athletes to the peak of their performance.

Burn calories at the Gold's Gym Bailey's Crossroads VA fitness center near you using one of our state-of-the-art elliptical machines, stair climbers, treadmills or exercise bikes. For cardio classes, Gold's Bailey's Crossroads gym offers Zumba just about every day of the week, or lose yourself in BODYJAM, our original dance-cardio workout set to the hottest pop and club tunes. Many Gold's Gym locations, including the Bailey's Crossroads gym close to you, offer fat-blasting cycling classes that also tighten and tone your tummy. Request a temporary Gold's Gym membership in person, over the phone or online and experience our diverse group workouts and outstanding amenities for yourself, with no obligation to join.

For beginning exercisers, the Gold's Gym Bailey's Crossroads VA location is a great place to start, and your first step might be a low impact step based aerobic program. Build strength at Gold's Bailey's Crossroads gym in a toning and sculpting class that lengthens and shapes muscles using resistance bands and light barbells. All of our Gold's Gym locations staff certified personal trainers who can guide you through your first workouts to ensure that you're nailing the proper techniques and positions. With a Gold's Gym membership, experienced athletes can consult our fitness coaches to learn how to crash through fitness plateaus and reach new levels of endurance, strength, agility and coordination.
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