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The Gold's Gym Tooele UT health club near you is the perfect place to start a lifetime of better fitness. Family friendly, the Tooele gym provides a supervised Kid's Club to occupy children with fun activities while you sweat off pounds in the gym. Start at your Gold's Gym location with group classes such as relaxing yoga or Latin music-infused Zumba. A Gold's Gym membership gives you access to more than just the best classes; our unique Cardio Cinema offers a fun way to work on cardio while watching a full-length feature film on a large projection screen.

Make Gold's Gym Tooele UT a part of your fitness routine to discover new strength and reduce stress. Hit the Tooele gym's basketball court to shoot some baskets, and take a dip in the pool for a low impact workout that's easy on the joints. This Gold's gym location also features hot tubs and a sauna to reduce muscle tension and let you unwind after working out. Not only does a Gold's Gym membership give you access to the latest exercise equipment and engaging group classes, but the Tooele gym has a convenient juice bar where you can pick up a cool, nutritional beverage after your fitness routine.

Our Gold's Gym Tooele UT location is more than just another fitness center near you; it's the best place to set specific fitness goals with guidance from a team of expert personal trainers. At the Tooele gym health club, work one-on-one with a fitness expert to find the best exercise routines and dieting tips for maximum results.

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Fitness at Gold's Gym Tooele UT is fun and rewarding, with innovative exercise programs such as the Cardio Cinema, where you watch full-length feature films on the big screen as you run and pedal to better health.

When you join Gold's Gym Tooele UT, take advantage of numerous amenities to get fit, relax and have fun. Our Tooele gym is equipped with an expansive temperature-controlled swimming pool for low impact exercising that increases endurance and lung capacity. This Gold's Gym location also has a basketball court if you'd rather play hoops to gain better cardio and develop muscle. With a Gold's Gym membership, customize your workout routine with a variety of exhilarating group exercise classes like heart-pounding Zumba.

With the help of Gold's Gym Tooele UT, achieve the body goals you've always wanted on state-of-the-art exercise equipment. Fitness experts at the Tooele gym are available to spot you while weight lifting and can recommend the best training programs for your personal fitness goals. Relax at this Gold's Gym location in the bubbling hot tub or soothing sauna after a fat-busting workout. With a Gold's Gym membership, hit the juice bar after a hot tub to refresh with a cool smoothie.
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