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Discover Gold's Ogden gym and see how motivation can push you to meet or exceed your fitness goals. Fitness experts at Gold's Gym Ogden UT will work with you to tailor a fitness program that fits your goals, whether you want to build strength or manage stress. Besides personal training at Gold's Gym downtown, take advantage of nutrition counseling to help you lose weight and keep it off. Our fitness experts also lead a variety of fun yet challenging group fitness classes.

Stop by our Ogden gym and use a Gold's Gym FREE pass to see for yourself all the amenities that this Gold's Gym location offers. You'll find basics at Gold's Gym Ogden UT such as first-class free weights, resistance machines and cardio equipment. But it's the extras at Gold's Gym downtown that will make working out fun, from swimming laps in the pool to playing a pickup game on the basketball court to relaxing in the sauna and steam room. After a grueling workout with our fitness experts, relax in our hot tub and rejuvenate at our juice bar with a delicious, nutritious beverage.

Join Gold's Ogden gym and begin tapping your body's full potential. Gold's Gym Ogden UT features a swimming pool, basketball court and all of the equipment needed to improve strength and cardio fitness.

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2261 Kiesel Ave. Ste. 200, Ogden, UT 84401


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2261 Kiesel Ave. Ste. 200
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Finding an Ogden gym with strength, aqua fitness and stress management classes is easy when you look first to Gold's Gym. Visit Gold's Gym Ogden UT with a Gold's Gym FREE pass and experience how personal training, nutrition counseling, cardio machines and fun fitness classes will help you look and feel your best.
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    Sat : 6am - 9pm

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    Mon - Thu : 8:30am-1:30pm - 4:00pm-8:00pm

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Gold's Ogden gym will impress you with all of its extra touches, like personal training, nutrition counseling and a hot tub, sauna, steam room and juice bar.

For an Ogden gym that stands out from the rest, join Gold's Gym, which offers the equipment, classes and facilities you'll need for a complete fitness program. Lift free weights at Gold's Gym Ogden UT or use resistance machines to build muscles and improve strength. Use Gold's downtown gym's cardio equipment to increase endurance, melt away body fat and help keep your heart healthy. Our fitness experts will show you how to get the most out of your workout.

Enjoy extras at Gold's Ogden gym including a swimming pool and basketball court. Gold's Gym Ogden UT also has a sauna for post-workout stretching and a steam room where you can breathe deeply and rejuvenate after an intense workout. Our Gold's Gym downtown even has a hot tub and a juice bar. Trust our fitness experts to tailor a workout program that suits you best, whether you need personal training or nutrition counseling.