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Make a Gold's Gym Salt Lake City UT location your home for all health and fitness goals. Visit local Salt Lake City gyms in Van Winkle and Sugarhouse to set up a diet counseling meeting with a personal trainer to see how good nutrition boosts results. At either Gold's Gym location near you, take a class to increase endurance and kick-start your metabolism by pedaling, dancing, kicking and more. Gold's Gym memberships include access to signature Gold's Gym classes as well as a studio for body and mind centering yoga or core building Pilates.

Shoot hoops at the Gold's Gym Salt Lake City UT Van Winkle location with a basketball court for working out while having fun. This Salt Lake City gym is also equipped with ways to reenergize after any exercise with hot tubs and muscle relaxing sauna or steam rooms. Both Gold's Gym locations, in Van Winkle and Sugarhouse, provide group fitness classes led by world-class personal trainers to make sure you get the most out of your workout. Grab a Gold's Gym membership at either location and start training with the industry leader of the health and fitness revolution.

When you join a Gold's Gym Salt Lake City UT local fitness center, you're gaining access to world-class fitness experts whose number one goal is to see you succeed in getting fit. Both Salt Lake City gym locations have the latest exercise equipment and the best resistance machines to help you build leaner, stronger muscles.

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Engage your muscles at Gold's Gym Salt Lake City UT locations with exhilarating group exercise classes that help you power your way to better fitness.

At both Gold's Gym Salt Lake City locations, one in Sugarhouse and the other in Van Winkle, there is something for everyone. Try a Salt Lake City gym near you to increase stamina and endurance with the best-in-the-business cardio equipment. Also available at these Gold's Gym locations are cycling classes for low impact exercising with visible results. Use your Gold's Gym membership to try other group fitness programs where you'll have so much fun you'll forget you're even working out.

Increase flexibility with Gold's Gym Salt Lake City yoga classes taught by expert instructors who inspire yoginis of all fitness levels. Build strength at Salt Lake City Gold's Gym in Sugarhouse and Van Winkle by flexing those muscles on top-quality resistance machines and free weights. Our Van Winkle Gold's Gym location also has a juice bar, so you can grab a delicious beverage to revitalize after a grueling workout. Try a temporary Gold's Gym membership with a Gold's Gym FREE pass to experience all the amenities that our members love.
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