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Trim your waistline at Gold's Gym Waco TX as you burn more calories and tone more muscles during our group fitness classes. Our world-class Waco gym fitness studio is temperature-controlled, features special flooring and an amazing sound system so you can enjoy your workout in a comfortable, yet high-energy environment. Our Waco local gym offers many of our specially designed classes, including BODYPUMP, CXWorx, BODYSTEP, BodyFlow and more taught by certified fitness experts. Get started at our Gold's Gym location near you.

Strengthen your core at Gold's Gym Waco TX in our group fitness classes that focus on abs and core toning. Take our Gold's Waco gym CXWorx class, a 30-minute training that targets your abs, glutes, back and obliques, or use our top-notch resistance machines to hone in on your core. Visit our local gym near you and try any of our classes with our FREE pass, including the Pilates class that focuses on core strength. As with all our Gold's Gym locations, you can meet with a personal trainer to learn additional moves targeting the core muscles.

Join Gold's Gym Waco TX and become part of the fitness revolution as you transform your life into the fit and healthy one you've dreamed about. Our Gold's Waco gym location is a local gym near you that offers world-class amenities to keep you motivated and on track for your fitness success.

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Find your center at Gold's Gym Waco TX, your Gold's Gym membership gives you access to our yoga classes, offered almost daily, with fitness experts guiding you.

Pedal calories away at Gold's Gym Waco TX when you ride miles in our high-energy Cycle Studio. Certified instructors at Gold's Waco gym take you through a variety of terrain while listening to the rhythm of upbeat music. A favorite at our local gym, our renowned indoor cycling workout is based on time trials and explosive interval training, so you ride off hundreds of calories. Our Waco Gold's Gym location offers cycling classes most days, with convenient class times morning and evening to fit into your schedule.

At Gold's Gym Waco TX, our personal trainers and top-notch fitness center near you will help you live an active lifestyle. Fitness experts at our Gold's Waco gym work with you to develop a fitness routine that fits your schedule and health goals, as well as create a nutrition plan to make sure you can maintain your lifestyle changes. At our local gym in Waco, you get all the tools you need to build endurance and strengthen your muscles, which helps in all areas of your life, from keeping up with your puppy to keeping up with your grandkids. Come to our Waco Gold's Gym location to meet our professional staff and tour our dynamic exercise facility.
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