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Drop by Gold's Gym North Hollywood CA and discover an exciting and energizing health club near you. Our North Hollywood gym, conveniently located off the 170 Freeway, offers nationally certified personal trainers that will help you develop and stick to a highly personalized workout schedule no matter what your health and wellness goals. Our Gold's Gym location can help you build endurance with the latest cardio equipment, or tone and strengthen muscles with our resistance machines and free weights. With a Gold's Gym membership, you'll also gain access to a cadre of health experts that design nutrition and supplement programs for maximum fitness results.

Gold's Gym North Hollywood CA is designed to meet the need of individuals who appreciate the coaching and motivation that our certified professional trainers provide – and those individuals who prefer to go it alone, using our advanced training equipment however they see fit. Our Hollywood gym staff understands that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to fitness, that's why we're available to offer advice and equipment training so you can make the most of every piece of equipment we offer. This Gold's Gym location prides itself on innovation so you'll find the latest cardio equipment outfitted with individual LCD television screens, cable TV and iPod docking stations. Visit our fitness facilities, and check out a diverse lineup of resistance machines that will work every major muscle in the body.

At Gold's Gym North Hollywood CA, we understand that practicing good nutrition is the best way to maximize your fitness regimen. That's why our North Hollywood gym offers nutrition and supplement programs to help you get fit from the inside out.

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At Gold's Gym North Hollywood CA, we've figured out how to make fitness more fun by providing cable TV and iPod docking stations on all of our latest cardio equipment.

At Gold's Gym North Hollywood CA, our unrivaled dedication to getting results shows in the passion of our world-class personal trainers and nutrition experts who are wholly dedicated to helping you achieve your goals no matter how challenging. Gold's Hollywood gym is built on a tradition of commitment, dedication and passion that infuses all of our fitness facilities in countries worldwide. Visit any of our Gold's Gym locations and health clubs near you to experience our high standards as we provide the most diverse equipment, programs and amenities in the industry for an unmatched fitness experience. See why a Gold's Gym membership is the first step toward achieving the body you've always wanted.

Get motivated at Gold's Gym North Hollywood CA with the help of personal trainers who will design your workout regimen and be your personal cheerleader as you battle toward the goal of greater health and fitness. Our North Hollywood gym excels at personal training, matching you with fitness experts who have the knowledge and skills to elevate your performance and make the most of every minute. Visit a Gold's Gym health club near you to learn more about personal training and how you might benefit from an investment in one-on-one intensive coaching. If personal training isn't your thing, our world-class fitness facilities offer such a diverse lineup of innovative training equipment – including treadmills, elliptical machines, exercise bikes, free weights, resistance machines and more – that it's easy to stay focused and challenged all on your own.
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