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Spin yourself fit at Gold's Gym Killeen TX in our world-class cycle studio. Fitness experts at our Gold's Killeen gym guide you through a cardio workout you won't find outdoors, set to inspirational and upbeat music. In our indoor Killeen Gold's Gym location, you'll ride through varied terrain including hills, flats and mountain peaks during an interval training that builds muscle as well as increases stamina. Sign up for your Gold's Gym membership and join our body-strengthening RPM class.

Gold's Gym Killeen TX brings a state-of-the-art fitness facility close to you with personal trainers that help you discover your athlete within. During our extended Gold's Killeen gym hours, meet with certified fitness coaches and define the results you want, whether it's increasing cardio health or to compete as a body builder. Experts at our Killeen Gold's Gym location develop a fitness program based on your desired results so you target the right muscle groups with every workout. Once you have your Gold's Gym membership, you're well on your way to fitness success.

Team up with Gold's Gym Killeen TX for a fitness program that gets results. Personal trainers at our Gold's Killeen gym location stick with you as you pump iron, add miles to your running shoes and burn calories.

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With extended Gold's Gym Killeen TX gym hours and convenient Killeen gym location near you off West Central Texas Expressway, it's easy to fit your workout in day or night.

Find your strength at Gold's Gym Killeen TX as you train for an upcoming marathon, triathlon or to power through everyday life. Our Gold's Killeen gym is a top-notch fitness facility close to you that offers all the amenities you need to prepare for your race – or having the energy to play with the kids. Swim laps at our Killeen Gold's Gym location, ride over rough terrain during our RPM cycling class and run miles in our innovative Cardio Cinema, building the muscles you need to cross the finish line. Use your Gold's Gym membership during our extended gym hours to train day or night.

At Gold's Gym Killeen TX, your local gym experience is taken to a new level. Our Gold's Killeen gym offers more than just workout equipment; we have a pool, basketball court, sauna, Kid's Club service and nutrition experts to help with diet and weight loss. Spend time at our Killeen Gold's Gym location with our FREE pass, and burn calories, check out our weight lifting area, try out our yoga classes and team up with a personal trainer. Then get your Gold's Gym membership to our world-class facility, and make health and fitness a top priority.
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