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Start at Gold's Merrimack gym with the state-of-the-art cardio machines with the latest ways to get the heart pumping and the calories burning. Move on to the Gold's Gym Merrimack NH free weights and resistance machines for muscle building and strength training, pumping up biceps, quads and delts. Relax at our Gold's Gym location in Merrimack with 20 minutes in the sauna or some time spent in the tanning booth. Flash your Gold's Gym membership at the Merrimack fitness gym and drop by for a game on our basketball court to get the competitive juices flowing.

Gold's Merrimack gym has everything you want in a gym close to you and a whole lot more. Gold's Gym Merrimack NH does the little things that make for a great health club, including a juice bar for refreshing energy boost and locker rooms to make your workout more convenient. Our Merrimack Gold's Gym location is open seven days a week, making our Gold's Gym hours convenient for fitting fitness into your schedule. A Gold's Gym membership is the first step to a better way to work out, get fit and have fun.

Shoot hoops at Gold's Merrimack gym or go for a swim before relaxing in the tanning booth. Gold's Gym Merrimack NH isn't just for weight lifting (although you can do that too).

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515 Daniel Webster Highway, Merrimack, NH 03054

603-429-GOLD (4653)

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Gold's Merrimack gym offers the latest in fitness programs because fitness coaches at Gold's Gym locations are always looking for the best way to get fit. Gold's Gym Merrimack NH has innovative exercise equipment and dedicated staff to show you how to use it.
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    Sat - Sun : 7:AM - 6:PM

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Gold's Merrimack gym is open seven days a week so you can always fit a healthy workout into your busy schedule.

At Gold's Merrimack gym, we offer a full Gold's Gym schedule packed with the kinds of fitness classes you have come to expect from one of the leading names in fitness clubs. Gold's Gym Merrimack NH offers signature classes, including BodyPump, a total-body workout using barbells and other dynamic and full-body workouts that are challenging mentally and physically. At our Gold's Gym location, we have a studio for yoga classes and Pilates classes to help focus your effort. With a Gold's Gym membership at a gym close to you, attend group exercise classes led by nationally accredited and certified fitness coaches.

Gold's Merrimack gym has step classes, interval classes and core classes so you can target the body areas you want with the exercise approach that works for you. Gold's Gym Merrimack also has cycling with a spinning room where others provide encouragement, support and competition. Try something new at our Gold's Gym location with cardio kickboxing, an exciting way to get the pulse racing. Find out all a Gold's Gym membership can do for you with a Gold's Gym FREE pass, your invitation to explore our world-class fitness gym.