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Lose weight at Gold's Las Vegas gym locations, in either the Centennial or NW Summerlin areas. Both convenient Gold's Gym Las Vegas NV fitness centers are staffed with friendly employees and the most knowledgeable fitness coaches in the health club industry. Stop by your Las Vegas Gold's Gym location to have a chat with fitness experts where you'll plan out exercises tailored to your fitness goals. Also with a Gold's Gym membership, you gain access to the latest dieting information during personalized nutrition counseling to maximize results.

Visit the Gold's Las Vegas gym in the Centennial area to get the best, and most stylish, gear for working out. This Gold's Gym Las Vegas NV location is stocked full of signature Gold's Gear to provide you with weight lifting gloves, comfortable workout clothes and more. Both Gold's Gym locations in Las Vegas are full of muscle building resistance machines, extensive free weights and top-quality cardio equipment for a range of workout options. Try a Gold's Gym membership with no-commitment Gold's Gym FREE passes and see yourself losing weight and building strength.

Gold's Las Vegas gyms in the Centennial and NW Summerlin areas are designed with you in mind. Visit your Gold's Gym Last Vegas NV location to set up an individualized workout and dieting plan with highly trained personal trainers.

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Lose weight at a Las Vegas gym location in either the Centennial and NW Summerlin areas to run, cycle or dance your way to better health and increased strength.

Family friendly Las Vegas gyms make it easy for parents to join fun fitness classes by providing handy Kid's Club hours where staff members keep kids entertained with engaging activities. Gold's Gym Las Vegas NV locations in both the Centennial and NW Summerlin areas open early in the morning and stay open late so you can workout exactly when you want to. Stop by your Gold's Gym location during the extensive hours to join fun fitness programs throughout the day including signature BodyPump classes and dance-filled Zumba. Gold's Gym memberships don't just give you access to invigorating fitness classes though, it includes mind and body soothing Yoga and Pilates classes as well.

Staff at your Las Vegas gym know health and fitness is more than just how much weight you can lift. Visit a Gold's Gym Las Vegas NV location to join in stress management lessons for a healthy mind, too. Nutrition counseling at Gold's Gym locations is designed to help maximize exercise results and is tailored to meet your individual goals. A Gold's Gym membership to either the Centennial neighborhood or NW Summerlin area gyms provides access to best-in-the-business instructors and top-quality exercise equipment.
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