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Visit the Gold's Gym Harriman NY location where staff and highly trained fitness experts are here to help you achieve and surpass individual fitness goals. Convenient Harriman gym hours begin early in the morning and last until late at night, giving you the opportunity to work out when you want. The Harriman NY Gold's Gym location also has Kid's Club hours where children join in engaging activities on site while you get in a great workout. With a Gold's Gym membership, give your little ones access to entertaining activities so they can have fun while you're exercising.

At the Gold's Gym in Harrison NY, look through the large class schedule to find the right fitness programs that interest you. Join the Harriman gym location for Zumba classes to lose weight by dancing to invigorating Latin-infused music or try signature Gold's Gym classes where you'll kick, punch, step and more. Gold's Gym health clubs provide more ways to improve health and fitness by offering yoga and Pilates classes designed to soothe body and mind while increasing range of motion and improving balance. See what a Gold's Gym membership can do for you by visiting with a hassle-free Gold's Gym FREE pass.

Lose weight at the Gold's Gym in Harriman NY with top-of-the-line cardio and weight lifting equipment. Enjoy the Harriman gym's extensive weight selection for building bigger, better muscle.

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    Monroe Woodbury

    54 Rte. 17 M

    Harriman, NY 10926


    View Gym Details Monroe Woodbury (Harriman) Gym Locations, Exercise Class Schedules, Workout Programs, Local Health Clubs & Free NY Gold's Gym Passes View gym page
    Monroe Woodbury Monroe Woodbury (Harriman) Gold's Gym Locations, Fitness Class Schedules, NY Fitness Trainers, Strength Coaches, Weight Lifting Clubs, Weight Loss Exercises, Stress Management Fitness, Yoga Workout, Pilates Exercises, Healthy Diet Tips & Local Gold's Gym Hours Kickbox at Gold's Harriman gym in a mixed martial arts-style fitness class, and many Gold's Gym locations, including our Harriman health club, offer BODYPUMP, our one-hour muscle building workout. Learn yoga at the Gold's Gym Monroe Woodbury NY fitness gym near you to boost flexibility and reduce stress. See more

Check out the Gold's Gym in Harriman NY with a Gold's Gym membership for an all-inclusive way to lose weight, build strength and improve health and fitness.

Your local Gold's Gym in Harriman NY is a family fitness center with a friendly atmosphere and dedicated staff. At the Harriman gym, enjoy everything from individualized personal training to fun group fitness programs that provide a social and supportive environment. In this Gold's Gym location, stop by to have a chat with highly trained fitness experts who have the latest information on muscle building, weight loss and more. With a Gold's Gym membership take advantage of the convenient hours to get personal nutrition counseling for a well-rounded approach to health and fitness.

Cardio equipment at Gold's Gym in Harriman NY includes lots of top-quality treadmills, bicycles and more to ensure you get the results you want. At the Harriman gym, achieve weight loss and increase strength by using our extensive free weights and muscle building machines to boost metabolism. Your local Gold's Gym location in Harriman NY has individual personal training opportunities as well, so you get a specialized workout routine and dieting advice to reach your goals. See what a Gold's Gym membership can do for you.
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